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5 Most Expensive Fruits in the World | Rate & Availability

5 Most Expensive Fruits in the World | Rate & Availability

Welcome to the GardenOnTop.com. In this post, we will know the Top 5 most expensive fruits in the world and where it is. Also known as how to purchase and what is the rate of fruits and availability. Why these fruits are expansive and benefits and top facts. Let’s explore…

  • Buddha Shaped Pears
  • Dekopon Citrus
  • Sembikiya Queen Strawberries
  • White Jewel Strawberry
  • Black Diamond Apple

Buddha Shaped Pears

Buddha Shaped Pears is one the most expensive fruit in the worldwide or it is also known as Baby Pears. It is originated from the China and starting price of fruit is 50 yuan (roughly 7$) or In India it will goes up to 600 rupees around. Let’s know some facts about the buddha shaped pears…

  • Firstly, it is introduced in China by farmer Gao Xian Zhang in 2006.
  • Initially it was normal pears then Gao Xian have an idea to get these pears into buddha shaped pears then he was made the plastic frame with buddha shaped and attached into the normal pears.
  • It takes around 5 to 6 years to the baby plastic shaped (for shaping).
  • Buddha shaped pears belongs to the Rosaceae family and it scientific name is Pyrus.
  • It is expensive due to unique idea and full conversation.
Buddha Shapes Pears

Dekopon Citrus – Seedless Citrus

Dekopon Citrus is a type of citrus fruit and Dekopon is one of the existing varieties. Dekopon citrus is similar to the sumo citrus variety as the difference is that dekopon has seedless citrus and a mild flavour or intense sweetness. Let’s know some facts about the Dekopon citrus.

  • Dekopon citrus is seedless fruit.
  • Initially, it is originated from Japan in 1972.
  • Dekopon is also known as shiranuhi or shiranui
  • Starting price of Dekopon citrus is around 15$ (1246rupees) per piece.
  • Dekopon is costly because it has many benefits (rich in vitamin C, A, and good for haemoglobin) and farming needs accuracy and well humidity and temperature.
Image by : wholefoodsmarket.co.uk

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries is one of the most beautiful strawberries or the colour is fully red and it is originated from the Tokyo (Japan). You are surprise about the price of Sembikiya Queen Strawberries is 6778 INR per 12 pieces. So, you should buy or not?

Let’s know the reason why these strawberries are so expensive and where to buy and also know the unknown facts about the Sembikiya Queen Strawberries. Let’s start…

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries
Image by : prestigeonline.com
  • Sembikiya Queen Strawberries is most expensive strawberry in the world.
  • Firstly, it is cultivated in 1834 in Tokyo and It is only sold in Japan or certain countries.
  • It is cultivated without soil. It depends only on fertilizers and water or humidity only, so don’t need any types of soil media.
  • It is also sold in USA with the price of $90 approx.
  • Taste is sweet and good in shape.
  • Sembikiya Queen Strawberries is not available in India, you need to export from the Tokyo.

Reason: The main reason of expensive is that, cultivars are not used any type of soil and their unique idea for shape and size of the Sembikiya Queen Strawberries.

White Jewel Strawberry

White Jewel Strawberry is also most popular strawberries in the Japan or it is also available in India (seeds only). It looks like a while colour with large and good in shape. It is completely different from the normal strawberries. Taste is sweeter than red strawberries (In survey). They are also most expensive due to its large in shape and more taste or it takes more time for germination.

  • It is also grown in indoor places like, in greenhouse effect or shaded location.
  • Firstly, it is introduced in 2012 in Tokyo by Yasuhito Teshima (Japan).
  • It is grown only in limited quantities.
  • White Jewel Strawberry contain Vitamin C, A, Fibre, Vitamin K, E, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and Phosphorus.
  • In Japan, Japanese make different types of dishes and used in cake, topping, gifting, and special salads.
Image by: allrecipes.com

Rate & Availability: Starting price of White Jewel Strawberry is $90 around or 7000 INR per 12 Strawberry. You cannot buy in India. You will have to export from Japan but you can buy seeds online.

Black Diamond Apple

Black diamond apple is actually existed but they are dark purple apple. This apple is belonging to the Huaniu family or it is originated from China and also know as Chinese red apple. These are expensive due to their germination period, taking longer (about 6 years) to ripen from raw. Farmers take care of maintaining the environment and moisture all the time.

Image by : in.pinterest.com

Note: Black Diamond Apple, may or may not be available in India because Indian farmers do not cultivate this variety.

Black Diamond apples are cultivated only in limited quantities

Let’s know the few facts about the black diamond apple…

  • Black diamond apples are sweeter the normal apples.
  • The cost of one black diamond apple is 25$ per piece.
  • You can buy seeds from online store like flipkart, amazon, Ugaoo…etc.
  • Firstly, ploughed in the Tibetan region of Nyingchi.
  • It has many health benefits like, contains many types of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Improves your sugar level, good source for skin and hair health
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