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Adenium: You Don’t Know Weird Method For Seedling & Caring

Adenium: You Don’t Know Weird Method For Seedling & Caring

Welcome to the most beautiful post in Gardenontop.com, here we will know all about Adenium flowering plant and cover awesome tips and tricks

  • About adenium plant
  • How to grow adenium at home and garden
  • How to care adenium
  • Know flowering season of adenium in winter and summer
  • Tips and tricks
  • FAQ (frequent answer and questions)

Adenium – Desert Roses

Adenium Plant: Also known as Desert Roses and is a succulent flowering plant that will grow all the season. Native to Africa and Arabian Peninsula and it is depicted in 1819 in the family of Apocynaceae. Desert roses are most popular due to their different types of roses and their rooting system are similar to Bonsai Plants (stems are thick and narrow).

Desert roses come with lots of verities like adenium arabicum, obesum, boehmianum, socotranum and adenium swazicum. All the verities are native to a different region and the growing USDA hardiness zone should be varied. Scientific name of the desert rose is Adenium and it belongs to the Apocynaceae family.

Most popular verities for homes and gardens are desert roses arabicum and multiflorum, these two verities are houseplants and easily grow in any season.

How to Grow Adenium

Garden on top recommends always using grafted plants because grafted plants have proper rooting systems and leaves, only you need to transplant them. You can easily propagate adenium with seeds. Seeds may take lots of time for germination or sometimes germination depends on region and environment. Easily growing in hardiness USDA 10 to 11. Follow these steps for lots of flowering:

  • Take out the normal garden soil (40%), sand (30%) and vermicompost or cocopeat (30%). For large and healthy flowering, you can add peat moss and pearl lite. Add fungicide powder for preventing rooting diseases.
  • Mix it well until soil become well-drained and the pot should have good drainage holes.
  • Take out seeds and push them into soil potting and cover them with the same soil mixture.
  • Spray water and keep the flowerpot in full sunlight.
  • Germination starts from the seeds within 10 to 15 days. Keep it in the same pot (flower pot) until the plant grows 3 to 4 inches and after that repotting all the plants in a separate flower pot with the same soil potting.
  • Seeds Availability and Pricing: Seeds are easily available in nearby plant shops and online stores. Starting price is 399+ rupees and hybrid grafted plants are starting from 699+ rupees. Seeds are not available anywhere then you can propagate with stem cutting. Cut the thick part of the stem make 45° angles and dip it in rootex hormone liquid or honey with turmeric. Make well-drained soil and put all the stems 2 to 3 inches deep.

How to Care Adenium Plants

  • Watering: Watering is one of the most common factors for each plant because water is life so, in adenium plants need water 2 to 3 times in a week or while watering don’t overwater. Small plants need water once a week or you are confused with watering, always check the top layer of soil media if dried then watering.
  • Humidity and Temperature: For the best growth of plants, plants need humidity and temperature as required. Desert rose plants need full sunlight for their growth. During the winter season, keep your adenium plants indoors for the best growth or keep them in shaded areas. They can easily thrive in indoor locations but are preferred partial to semi-shade.
  • Pruning and Pinching: Time to time pruning, plants look beautiful and sharp. Cut out the unwanted, withered and faded flowers, leaves and dry (stems). Always use the best cutting tools.
  • Pests and Diseases: if you don’t give proper sunlight or shade then insects or diseases are occurring or overwatering causes the root fungus diseases. So, while propagation uses fungicide powder and sprays insecticide liquid. Choose the right insecticide liquid or fungicide powder and use it properly.

Best Location for Adenium: Best location makes your plant fresh and healthy and looks beautiful. Adenium are tropical and subtropical plants and it is easily grown anywhere but the best site is the side of the desert. Balconies, large halls, sidewalls are the best locations. The smaller varieties are great for bedrooms and kitchens.

gardenontop- adenium (5)

Flowering Season and Verities of Flowers: Small verities and hybrid seed blooms after 6 months of the plantation but grafted plants flowers have or not, it depends on what size adenium you buy. It takes 4 to 8 months for blooming. Flowers are verities like red, yellow, white, red with white, blue, and multicolour. Gardenontop says multicolour flowers look eye-catchy and beautiful in homes and offices.

Get Healthy & Large Flowers

Tips and Tricks for Healthy Flowering: Always follow the how-to-care points and use the best and suitable fertilizers, which is soluble and spray from time to time. Keep plants in full sunlight (4 to 5 hours) and along with you need to prune the plants before the flowering season. Don’t overwatering.

FAQ (Frequent Answer and Questions)

Garden soil (40%), sand (30%) and vermicompost or cocopeat (30%). Mix it, use it.

You can spray insecticide liquid-like Rogor, neem oil, nasak+, resent and worm fight liquid. These liquids are easily avails in online stores.

You can buy it from local nurseries and online stores. If no avails in anywhere so, start with stems or seeds.

Desert rose plants are starts from 699+ rupees in online and nearby nurseries.

Yes, these plants are outdoor but it easily thrives in indoor location but needs partial shades.

You can follow, how to grow adenium section in this article or read out the Tips and Trick section.   

Clay pots are the best pot while repotting with pot size should be wider (Common pot size, 20 inches wide by 8 inches in height). While seedling, use an 8*6 size flowerpot.


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