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All New Common Tips While Seedling, Planting, Repotting

All New Common Tips While Seedling, Planting, Repotting

Welcome to the GardenOnTop. Most of the gardeners have different types of problems, regarding how to sow seeds, care, repotting…etc. So, don’t confuse. Just follow GardenOnTop common tips.

  • Seedling Types and availability
  • Tuber or bulbs planting & their types
  • Common fertilizers for all types of plants
  • Repotting tips & period

Seedling Types & Availability

Seedling Types: In the plant nursery, many types of seedlings are the same. Most of the seeds are not germinate within the time periods which means, the seeds are not fresh or the size of the seeds is not germinated properly.

So, how to check which seeds are best or not? So, don’t confuse about choosing good seeds. Always buy seeds from a trusted website or nearby plant nurseries. Before buying seeds online, read out all the information in the packet and check out the expiration date or germination date.

Availability & Crucial Information

  • Always buy seeds from a trusted online website or nearby plant nursery.
  • Before buying, check out the packing date and lot no.
  • Don’t forget to check, the expiration date of the seeds.
  • Check out the Seeds Act, ACT 1966.

Tubers or Bulbs Types

Many plants have different types of bulbs or tubers (small & large) and sprouting time is also different. Most of the bulbs germinate within the period and some are not. These types of problems have occurred. Below is the main reason, why this ensues…

  • Bulbs or tubers are expired (Each bulb has an expired date).
  • Bulbs are not germinated properly or are small in size (as per mature size).
  • Fungus issue. Maybe fungus can occur inside the bulb.
  • Most of the time, the soil is not suitable for bulbs.

How to prevent these types of problems. Below are the tips for purchasing good and healthy bulbs.

  • Buy healthy and fresh bulbs. Bulbs should be matured in size.
  • Before buying, check the expiration or packing date.
  • Make suitable soil for the bulb plantation.
  • Add fungicide powder (while plantation).
  • Don’t plant bulbs in a small pot.
common bulbs

Common Fertilizers for Plants

There are many types of fertilizers available in the market or nursery for different types of plants or seedlings. Most gardener wants, Fertilizer suited for all kinds of plants. Below are the top and fast resulting compost. Just you need to add timely. Make these types of soil mixtures suitable for all kinds of plants…

Summer Flower Plants: Garden Soil + Vermicompost or Cow dung + Perlite + Coco-peat.

Winter Flower Plants: Garden Soil + Cow Dung + Perlite + Seaweed + Bonemeal (don’t add too much).

Evergreen Plants:  Garden Soil + Cow dung + Coco-peat (optional)

Fruit Plants: Garden Soil + Cow dung manure + NPK + Banana Peel (add after 1 month) + Mustard cake (optional).

Vegetable Plants: Garden Soil + Cow dung manure + Mustard Cake powder + NPK (Must be added).

common compost

Note: Most of the time, you need to check plant types and categories. So, you need to check the soil type of plants. Other plants like cactus, aloe vera, neem, charismas, Ari-palm…etc.  

Repotting Tips and Period

Repotting is necessary for all kinds of plants. Repotting is making your plants beautiful and have good growth. Why repotting is necessary? Let’s read…

  • Most plants need too much space during the growth period. Give suitable spaces, as per required plants.
  • Re-planting is necessary when the plant grows up to 3 to 4 inches tall with few leaves & branches. Again re-planting, as per plant requirements.
  • Re-planting is crucial as plant growth does not discontinue.
  • Add suitable compost and mulching, while repotting.
  • Give proper sunlight as per requirement.
  • Check container types with should have drainage holes.
  • Before re-planting, check soil pH and acidic level.
common repotting

Note: Before planting seeds or plants, check the USDA hardiness zone and plant types.

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