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Anthurium: Easiest Way for Growing

Anthurium: Easiest Way for Growing

In the post, we will cover all about anthurium flowering plants

  • About anthurium
  • How to grow seeds in pot and gardens
  • Best time for plantation
  • Best caring tips and tricks
  • Blooming season
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Anthurium Flowering Plants

Anthurium Flowering Plants: Anthurium is a flowering plant with blooming that are heart-shaped. Anthurium plant is mostly seen in offices, and many people keep the plant in their halls because it is also an indoor flowering plant. It includes 900+ different types of species from all over the world.

A few months ago, anthurium plants are listed as indoor air purifying plants. Scientific name of anthurium is Anthurium andraeanum and it comes with the Araceae family. It has many common names like a flamingo, tailflower, and laceleaf.

How to Grow Seeds in Pots: First of all, we need to make a good quality soil mixture. To make a soil mixture, take out the normal (river sand, vermiculite, wet coco peat, and perlite). Mix them well and make well-draining soil. Mid-summer is the best time for seedling because after June, starts to rain and chances to propagate new baby plants near the rooting system.  

Follow these steps for awesome seedlings in pots

  • Fill the soil mixture into the flowerpot.
  • Take out the anthurium seeds (seeds are so small, you can spray them)
  • Cover the seeds with the same soil.
  • Give water properly and place the pot in indirect sunlight.

How to grow seeds in a garden: Garden is the best way for seedlings because there is no limit for root germination. The roots of the plants can easily spread as required. Choose a site where the little sunshine or indirect sunlight.

  • Make the seed-plot in the garden (up to 2 feet wide).
  • Take out the river sand, vermiculite, fungicide pests (to prevent diseases in the soil).
  • Mix it well and take out the anthurium seeds.
  • Spray seeds into garden soil (seed-plot).
  • Give water thoroughly.

Germination Time

Anthurium seeds are very small so, it will take lots of time to germinate. Within 10 to 15 days, some seeds start to germinate with small leaves and stems. If soil is dried up then spray some water.

How to Repot Plants

Repotting is necessary if you sow seeds in a small pot. The best way to repotting is that, use the same soil mixture and take out the large flowerpot. In a single flowerpot (15cm long), repot only 2 to 3 plants.

Best Caring Tips (Watering, Humidity, Pests)

  • Watering: Watering is necessary when the top layer (up to 2 inches) of soil potting is dries up. During the summer season, watering is necessary for the morning. Morning is the best time for watering (all the season).
  • Humidity & Temperature: During the seeds germination, you need to maintain humidity and after germination or repotting, keep the plants in indirect sunlight. For the best results, maintain the temperature between 18°C to 25°C.
  • Pests & Diseases: Over the time, many types of insects (aphids, mealy-bugs…etc.) are attacks on the plants then so, you need to spray pesticide liquid on those plants. If there is any root rot or fungus disease in the pot, you can give fungicide powder or liquid with water.
  • Pruning: You can prune the plants at any time any season. Cut out the, bite leaves, faded leaves (white or dries), unnecessary branches or stems, and weeds near the soil potting.
  • Best Fertilizer for Blooming: In the market, lots of compost are available but NPK 19-19-19, bone meal and tea compost are the best fertilizer for healthy and large blooming. After 30 to 40 days, fertilize all the plants.

Blooming Months: Flowers start to bloom on the plant after 3 to 4 months (after sowing seeds). Anthurium plants bloom many types of flowers like red, pink, white, light pink to yellow shades, purple…etc. These flowers last for 2 to 4 weeks. These flowers are heart-shaped and similar to peace lily flowers. Flowers bloom at the end of the stalk.

As shown in the image

White Anthurium Flower

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Indirect sunlight means, the light comes through some other tree or can be a bigger tree

If you have a good quality of soil potting then, the seeds will start to germinate in 10 to 15 days.

Yes, you can also add perlite during the repotting. Most of the gardeners always used perlite in flower plants. 

Morning is the best time for watering in the summer season. Give water once a week in the winter season.

Before the growing season or after autumn months is the best time for fertilization and after that, watering is necessary. For the best results, regular fertilization is necessary.

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