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Best Caring Tips for Peruvian Lily at Home | New Caring Tips

Best Caring Tips for Peruvian Lily at Home | New Caring Tips

In this post, we will know about the Peruvian Lily plant

  • About Peruvian lily
  • How to plant its seeds at home
  • Best tips for care
  • Benefits of lily
  • Bloom Time

About Peruvian Lily: Peruvian lily is one of the most popular flowering plants worldwide. Different types of flowers bloom like red, white, pink, blue…etc. The scientific name of the Peruvian lily is Alstroemeria, and it belongs to the Alstroemeriaceae family. It is also a symbol of friendship and devotion.

If your hardiness zone is 8 to 9, you should plant on your terrace, balcony, indoor, garden, and many places. Flowers look beautiful and attractive due to their different types of flower colours.

Every flower has 5 to 7 petals and dark green sepals(3 to 4) with 4 to 6 stigma. Petals and stigma colour depend on verity. The Center part of the flowers is the same as the flower colour, and some petals have small maroon dots line.

Flowers grow up to 2 inches or more, and the height of the plant grows up to 3 feet to 4 feet long and spreads up to 2 feet. It has another verity which is growing up to 5 feet long. The leaves of this plant are green, and these leaves are fragile and soft. Leaves grow up to 3 inches to 5 inches.

How to Plant Peruvian Seeds at Home

We can grow Peruvian lilies easily with seeds and bulbs, and in this post, we will know how to grow from seeds. You can buy its seeds online or nursery shop. The right time to plant Peruvian lily is the spring season (March or April).

Now make soil, to make a soil take well drain garden soil  (70%), vermicompost (40%), cow dung (10%). Mix it well and bring a flower pot (size at least 6 inches or more). In a flowerpot, check the drainage hole in the bottom. Put a small stone above the drainage hole (as shown in the photo).

Pour 50% of the soil mixture into the flower pot and pour Peruvian seeds above the soil. After all, pour 30% soil over the seeds and water the pot. Keep the pot in a shaded area for 3,4 days(until germination) after keeping this flower pot in full sunlight. When germination starts and grows up to 3, or 4 inches, plant every seed in a separate flower pot.

Remember :  

  • Always check that seeds do not overlap while planting, and a drainage hole is necessary for the flower pot.
  • Soil pH should be 6-7.5
  • Peruvian lily quickly grows in the 8 to 9 hardiness zone.

Best Tips for Care :

  • Watering: Don’t overwater while you sow its seeds. Always check moisture in the soil; if the soil is dry, you can give water. In the summer season, you can provide water after 2 3 days, and in the winter season, it provides water two times a week.
  • Temperature: In the winter season, keep flower pot in full sunlight, and in the summer season, keep plants in sunlight for only 5 to 6 hours daily. Always give morning sunlight and save from hot temperature (above 35°C) and heavy rain. Too much sunlight causes its leaves and flowers are faded/burn, and after that, leaves and flowers are broken.
  • Best Fertilizer: NPK 19-19-19 is the best fertilizer for this plant. This plant precondition is fertilized before the growing season; it must be fertilized after two months. Always give water after fertilization.
  • Pests & Disease: Many types of insects attack these plants like aphids, slugs, mites…etc. You need to spray neem oil or insect soap medicine to kill these insects. Before spraying medicine on the plant, read the instruction of medicine.
  • Pruning: Prune this plant after blooming, or you can cut the faded leaves and flowers. Plant it in another flower pot if any baby plant is noticed near the mature Peruvian lily.


  • It is used for medical purposes.
  • It is also used for air purification.
  • Flowers are also used as decoration.

Bloom Time: The right time to bloom is in summer, if you want to flower on this plant, you can plant its seeds in the winter season. There are many types of varieties in the family of Alstroemeriaceae and the Peruvian lily is also one verity. Many types of flowers also bloom like white, red, pink, blue…etc. flower colour depends on verity and these flowers only bloom for 1 or 2 months.

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