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Easiest Way to Grow Aloe Vera at Home, Garden

Easiest Way to Grow Aloe Vera at Home, Garden

In the post, we will know about the Aloe Vera plant

  • The easiest way to grow
  • How to care at home
  • Benefits
  • Bloom season

The easiest way to grow: There are two ways to grow aloe vera at home, i.e. by using cutting and its seeds. In this post, we will know the cutting method. There are also two ways to use the cutting method, i.e. by using stalk and cutting leaf. Cut the thick stalk from the mature aloe vera, which is the available bottom of the plant. The stalk size should be 3 to 4 inches.

Planting Aloe vera Stalk & Prepare soil mixture: To make the soil, take well-drained garden soil (60%) and sand (40%). Mix it well and remove the pebbles and small stones from the soil. Now take 2 to 3 inches flower pot and fill soil mixture(60%). Before filling soil in the pot, ensure drainage holes are available at the bottom of the vase. If there is no hole in the flower pot, make 3 or 4 holes.

Now make a hole 2 to 3 inches deep in the soil and immerse the stalk into the hole. Pour soil around the stalk and push the soil with your hands. After all, this, fill the water in the flower pot and place the pot in sunlight. Roots take more time to germinate, and it takes 40 to 50 days to grow. So be patient. Keep the plant in sunlight (at least 4 to 5 hours). After germination, the plant needs another pot.

How to Plant another pot: Repot a plant; we need to prepare a soil mixture again. To make a soil mixture, take well-drained garden soil(50%), sand (30%), and vermicompost(20%). Mix it well and remove pebbles and small stones from the soil. Take a 10 to 12 inches flower pot to repot a plant and make 5, 6 drainage holes in the bottom of the flower pot. Keep small stones over the drainage hole.

Now pour the soil mixture into the flower pot and make holes 6 to 4 inches deep inside the soil. Immerse the aloe vera into the hole and pour soil around the aloe vera. Fill water into the flower pot and place it in a permanent location. The location should be around the sunlight, and it takes more time to grow.

If you want to grow aloe vera by cutting aloe vera, then cut a strip of aloe vera and immerse it in the same soil mixture and keep the plant in the sunlight. It takes more time to germinate roots (50 to 70 days).   

How to Care at Home: Always remember 5 things after planting :

Watering: There is no need to add much water to this plant. Otherwise, you can fill the water appropriately twice a week. In the summer season ( May to July), fill water after 1 to 2 days or place a flower pot in the rain.

Temperature:  Temperature is the main process to grow a plant, and this plant also survives in too much temperature, i.e. 30°C to 45°C. Above 40°C temperature, leaves are starting to burn. If you want healthy aloe vera, always maintain the temperature between 20°C to 35°C.

Best Fertilizer: Aloe Vera plants quickly grow without any fertilizer, or you can also fertilize plants. Always use a high amount of phosphorus fertilizer. Fertilize the plant after 3 to 4 months or after fertilizer fills water to the plant.

Top 6 Benefits of Aloe Vera

There are loads of benefits such as :

  • It has a high amount of antioxidants and vitamins.
  • It is also used to improve oral health and the digestive system.
  • Different types of juices are made from aloe vera.
  • Widely used to make different types of medicine and face wash, gel, and much more.
  • Reduce weight loss.
  • Improve hair growth and skin problems.

Bloom Season: In the season of Spring, flowers bloom and flowers are pinkish in appearance.

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