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Gladiolus – How to Plant its Bulbs in Flowerpot

Gladiolus – How to Plant its Bulbs in Flowerpot

In the post, we will know all about the Gladiolus Flower plant

  • About gladiolus plant
  • How to plant its bulbs
  • Top 5 caring tips
  • Benefits of plant
  • Bloom Time

About Gladiolus Plant: Gladiolus is a perennial flowering plant, and many people plant this Gladiolus in the winter season. The gladiolus flowers look wonderful in appearance, and their flowers give a fragrant smell. Gladiolus (Iridaceae) has 250+ species worldwide. Gladiolus plants grow up to 4 feet, and some verity grows up to 5 feet and more.

  • The scientific name of Gladiolus is Gladiolus, and it belongs to the Iridaceae family.
  • Occasionally it is called “Sword lily” or gladioli.

If you want your terrace or garden beautiful, you should plant this Gladiolus flower plant because it has different types of colours and a fragrant smell.

These flowers grow up to 1 inch to 2 inches, and every flower has 7 to 10 petals with centre parts that are different in colour (which is depends on verity). The Colour of petals and sepals depends on verity. Leaves of Gladiolus are green sword shape, and these leaves grow up to 2 feet to 4 feet.


How to Plant its Bulbs :

You can buy these bulbs online or from a plant shop. Always buy large size bulbs (size 2 inches) because small bulbs take a lot of time to germinate.

Make the soil to plant these bulbs. Take garden soil (well drained 40%), decomposed cow dung(20%), and sand(40%) and mix it well. Now take at least 10 inches flower pot and pour the soil mixer in the flower pot. Plant only four bulbs in a 10-inch flower pot, and the distance between the bulbs should be at least 2 to 3 inches.

Now make holes 4 to 5 inches deep in the soil and place these bulbs in the hole, and pour soil( 3 to 4-inch layer) above the bulb. After all, fill the pot with water and keep the pot in the shaded area for 3-4 days. After 3,4 days, keep this pot in sunlight.

Gladiolus bulbs take at least 20 days to germinate bulbs, and after 45 days, their leaves grow up to 1 foot and more(depends on verity).

Top 5 Caring Tips :

  • Watering: When you plant gladiolus bulbs, fill its pot with water and after that give water only two times a week. The soil becomes soggy by adding more water, and the gladiolus bulbs rot. Do not pour water from the top of the plant; always pour it from the side of the plant.
  • Temperature: Always maintain temperature because too much sunlight(above 30°C and more) burns the leaves/flowers of this plant, and below ten °C temperature leaves are faded. (recommended temperature 15°C To 20°C).
  • Best Fertilizer: The best fertilizer for the gladiolus plant is vermicompost and cow dung. Fertilize the gladiolus plant every month, and after fertilization, gives water. Don’t use chemical fertilizer.
  • Pests & Diseases: many types of insects like aphids, beetles, spider mites, grey moulds attack these plants. So always spray the medicine to kill these insects, and you can use neem oil or any liquid medicine.
  • Pruning: Pruning of the plant is necessary to make the plant grow faster. The right time to grow this plant is before the growing season. Cut the dry leaves and faded flowers from the gladiolus plants. If you have planted 7, or 8 plants in a single pot, then plant each of these plants in a separate pot.

Bloom Time: If you sow these bulbs in the early winter (October or November), then flowers start blooming in February or March, and these flowers are different in colour, such as white, blue, yellow, pink, purple. The colour of the flowers depends on the variety. Flowers bloom only once on the gladiolus plant, and if you want next time flowers on this plant, you need to supplant its bulbs again.

Benefits of Flowers: Flowers are used to treat many types of diseases.

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