How To Grow Malabar Spinach At Home | Care | Recipes

How To Grow Malabar Spinach At Home | Care | Recipes

In the post, we will know all about Malabar Spinach

  • About Malabar spinach
  • How to cultivate at home in a flowerpot
  • Best tips for care
  • Benefits of vine
  • Best recipes name

Many people have seen the vine of Malabar Spinach. Do you know the right way to grow it and how to care for this vine? So read the full post to learn all this?

About Malabar Spinach: Malabar Spinach is two types of the vine, one is green, and the other is purple, and it is a perennial vine. There is not much difference between these two; there is a difference of colour; otherwise, these two vines grow equally. This vine was first seen in Asia and Africa and is also helpful as a vegetable in Asia and Africa.

More familiar names like poui, Malabar spinach, vine spinach, and Ceylon spinach. In India, it is called “poui saaga”, or there are many other names spoken in India, and it is known as the flower water vegetable in China.

The binomial name of this vine is Basella alba, and it belongs to the Basellaceae family. The height of this vine grows up to 30 feet and spreads up to 1 foot. It has two varieties: green and the other is purple. If we talk about the purple vine, its leaves are round, the margins of the leaves are purple, and the root of this vine is also purple, with a thickness of 1 to 2 inches.

The leaves grow up to 4 inches to 6 inches, and the midrib and vein are purple. Flowers are sprout from the petiole part of these leaves, and these flowers are purple with white.

In green vine, all leaves are green with a green margin and the midrib and vein are also a green. Size, growth, and flower colour are the same as a purple vine, as you see in the photo.

How to Cultivate at Home using Cutting Method :  

To plant vine using the cutting method, you have to use sandy loam soil and add 30% manure. You can use the coco-peat in the compost, then mix the soil and fertilizer well.

It would be best to plant this vine in at least 10 inches flower pot and more because its roots overgrow and make 5, to 6 holes on the pot’s surface so that the water does not collect and the vine gets total water.

Now you fill 70% of the soil in a pot, make a hole 6 to 7 inches in the soil, put the vine into the soil, pour some soil around the vine, and push the soil in your hand. Keep this plant in sunlight. This vine starts growing after 2 to 3 weeks.

Best Tips for Caring :

  • Watering: if you plant this vine in the winter season, you can give water after 2 to 3 days, and before watering, always check whether there is moisture in the soil. In the summer season, give water daily.
  • Temperature: Talking about the temperature, keep this vine in the sunlight in the summer and winter seasons. This vine needs at least 7 to 8 hours of daylight to grow.
  • Fertilizer:  Coco-peat and cow dung are good fertilizers for this vine. Add compost to this vine after every two months.
  • Pruning:  Pruning is essential for every plant and vine. If you want to prune this vine, you can cut the dead branches and dry/cut leaves. You can also plant from one pot to another pot; by doing this, the vine grows fast.

Best Recipes Name:

  • Malabar spinach leaves are helpful to make soup.
  • Leaves are beneficial to make crispy pakoda using besan.
  • In Maharastra, it is helpful to make bhaji
  • It is widely beneficial to make vegetable dishes.
  • It is widely helpful to make curry and saaga.

Benefits: Purple vine is used to make “red dye” in china.

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