Kiwi – Popular Way to Plant Seeds At Home

Welcome to the GardenOnTop. We all know that kiwi fruits are expensive and have many benefits. In the post, we will learn the popular way to plant seeds at home… About kiwi Popular way to plant seeds at home How to care for kiwi vine and manage the whole life of kiwi Best time to harvest lots of kiwi’s Unknown […]

How to Produce Jujube Plant with Seeds | Know Tips & Tricks

Welcome to another post on GardenOnTop. In the post, we will know all about the Jujube plants and will know something new tips and tricks… About jujube tree How to produce plants using seeds How to care to get lots of fruits Blooming Session Heathiest benefits FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Jujube Tree – Most Popular Tropical Fruit Tree About Jujube: […]

Simple Method to Grow Almond Plants at Home

In the post, we will know all about Almond Tree Simple method to grow at home Best care tips Bloom time Top 5 benefits Simple Method to Grow Almonds: To grow the almond plants at home, first of all, soak the almond in water for 10 to 15 hours. Take a small square flower pot (size 6 inches) and fill […]


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