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Ultimate 5 Drinks to Boost Your Energy Instantly

Ultimate 5 Drinks to Boost Your Energy Instantly

Welcome to GardenOnTop. One of the most standard queries is how to promote your energy instantly. Why Instantly? So, in the whole post, we will know about the 5 drinks to extend your energy instantly. Let’s read…

  • Drink names with ingredients
  • Best time to drink with quantity
  • Who will drink
  • Alternate options in the market

Let’s start with your choice of Drink Names & which are best or why…

Gatorade – A Athlete Fuel

Gatorade is one of the best American Sport Drink and now it is also available in India as well as other countries. Most of the athletes are used this drink, while they are in performing, exercising…etc. Gatorade contains water, electrolytes, carbohydrate, mineral salt with fluids, and sugar.

Gatorade drink is the best way to boost your energy instantly and there is no such a side effect. Who can drink, everyone can drink because it is herbivorous and people who are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems…etc, can take it without any side effects.

The best time to Gatorade is during exercise/performance because it rehydrates you instantly. It doesn’t matter before, after, or in between. In the market, Gatorade comes in different types of flavours like Blue Bolt, Lemon, Orange, Thirst Quencher…etc.

Image Source : ubuy.co.in

Pricing and Availability: Starting price of Gatorade drink is Rs 50 per (500 ml).  You can buy Gatorade from the nearest grocery store or online stores like Big Basket, Gatorade, Amazon, Goffers, blink it…etc. The best flavour is thirst quencher (try it) or prefer your favourite flavour.

Note: Per 100ml of Gatorade drink contains Energy (24kcal), Carbohydrate (6g), Total Sugar (6g), Sodium (46mg), and Potassium (13mg). The nutritional value may be changed as per the flavour.

Sting – The Energy Drink

In India, one of the best energy drinks to boost your energy instantly while you are tired and so on. Sting is manufactured by PepsiCo International. The sting contains caffeine, taurine, B-vitamin, Vitamin B3 B6 B12, carbohydrates, and a high amount of sugar. Most of the time sting drink can harm you when you drink too much sting in a day. So, don’t drink too much.

Pricing & Flavours: Sting comes with many flavours like Gold Rush, Power Pacq, Power Lime, and Berry Blast (Strawberry). Gold Rush and Berry Blast is the best flavour till now. Starting price of a sting is 20 Rs/200ml and it is easily available at the nearest store and online groceries shops.

What do you think, who can drink? Let me explain to you…

­If you are suffering from any diseases like cold, fever, malaria, dengue…etc don’t drink the Sting because it contains a high amount of caffeine (70mg/100ml) or taking too much caffeine, harms your body.  If you are a bodybuilder and performer or well-healthy, you can drink. The most pleasing time to drink Sting is when you are intensely fatigued or have inferior energy. You can consume it as it revitalises you or your mind with a variety of tastes.

Sting Drink
Image Source : vietnamwholesale.asia

Side Effect of Sting Drink (while taking too much)…

  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting & Diarrhea
  • Uncontrol blood pressure
  • Severe nausea

Note: 100ml of sting contains Energy (60kcal), Carbohydrate (15g), Sugar (15g), Sodium (32mg), Vitamin B3 (3mg), Vitamin B6 (0.3mg), Vitamin B12 (0.3 mg).

Charged – Made by Thumbs Up

Charged, now available in India with one flavour type and two packaging types like can and pet. Now a day, most athletes drink charged because it contains double caffeine. The charged drink is made by Thumps Up Company. The charged drink comes with a single flavour i.e., Berry Bolt. Berry Bolt flavour contains 2X caffeine with 6.9% Alcohol.

Pricing & Availability:   Charged drinks are easily available at online grocery shops or the nearest store. You can avail this at a starting price of Rs 20/200ml.

Best Time to Drink: You need to charge, so try charged. You can drink at any time when you are training or are too exhausted or going trekking or playing any sport. It brings your energy back instantly with the help of double caffeine. So, you can drink charged.

Charged Drink
Image Source : www.coca-cola.com

Top Side Effects or Who Can Drink Charged (While you drink too much)

  • Charged contains too much caffeine so, don’t drink too much.
  • This can affect your heart rate.
  • May increase your blood pressure.
  • Insomnia & Dehydration.
  • Feeling apprehensive and tense
  • Who Cannot Drink: Women who are pregnant or lactating, Children, caffeine tactful persons.

Nutritional Value or Important Info: Do not drink more than 250ml per day. Caffeine (24.6mg/100ml), Energy (62kcal), Carbohydrate (15g), Sugar (15g), Sodium (14mg) and Added Sugar (15g). All values are calculated by RDA.

Black Coffee – GardenOnTop Favourite

Black coffee is one of the best sources to boost your energy instantly all the time. As we know, black coffee has lots of benefits and there are few side effects (Overconsumption can be dangerous). Black coffee contains Vitamin B2, B3, Magnesium, Potassium, 0% fat, Carbohydrates & Proteins, and Phenolic ingredients.

Mostly black coffee contains caffeine like espresso but it depends on the company brands. In a per day consumption, you can consume only 40mg of caffeine in a coffee. Too much caffeine is dangerous to your health and may lead to your anxiety or stress level. You can take black coffee after eating or before exercising or doing something. Or if you are very tired then you can take it without any reason.

Black Coffee

Unknown Facts: About 65% of US people consume black coffee per day and the US is one of the biggest coffee markets in the world.


Pricing & Availability: There are many different types of black coffee available in the market with different pricing. All you need to do is shop according to your taste and brand name which is suitable for you. GardenOnTop does not recommend you the name of any type of black coffee company name. You can buy black coffee from online and offline groceries stores.

Benefits of Black Coffee: We have the best & finest top 5 benefits of black coffee. Let’s see…

  • It boosts your energy and your memory
  • Black coffee regulates your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Lowered Risk of Cancer
  • It improves your liver health and weight
  • Good source of antioxidants.

Red Bull – Most Popular Energy Drink

Red Bull is one of the widest-selling energy drinks worldwide. Red Bull is a non-alcoholic drink, so you can drink but it has slight side effects because red bull contains high caffeine with high amount of sugar and cobalamin. Red Bull is also known as an energy booster or it is worked.

Pricing & Intake: Don’t take red bull every day because most of the components are not suitable for your health. Red Bull energy drinks are easily available at the nearest grocery shops or online shops. Starting price of red bull is Rs 80/200ml and red bull comes in different types of flavours or editions like Red bull summer edition, Red bull yellow edition, Peach-nectarine, Blueberry, Dragon fruit, and Strawberry Apricot.

Red bull
Image Source : barfecto.com

Alternate Drinks Name: Beast Energy, Monster Energy, Rockstar Energy Drink, AMP Energy Original, O’cean One drink.

Note: If you are a red bull drink lover, you should try all the flavours.


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