Top 5 Kitchen Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight With Tips

Welcome to another article of, we will know which plants you can easily keep in the kitchen (Small kitchen plants) with low maintenance and plants no need for sunlight Arrowhead plant Chinese evergreen Z z plant African spear Polkadot plant These are the topmost and most reliable plants you can easily keep in your kitchen, bedroom, table, and hall. […]

Orchid: Simple Way for Plantation with Care

In this post, we will know Orchid flowering plant About orchid plant How to plant at home Varieties of orchid Best tips for care Benefits About Orchid Plants: Orchid is the most popular flowering plant, or it is the biggest plant in the Asteraceae family. The scientific name is Orchidaceae, and it comes with the Orchidaceae, Juss family. The Orchidaceae […]

Simple Way to Plant Gerbera Daisy Seeds

In the post, we will know about the Gerbera Daisy plant About gerbera daisy How to plant seeds at home Top caring tips Bloom season About Gerbera Daisy: Gerbera daisy is the most popular flowering plant, or it is a perennial flowering plant. Gerbera comes with different types of flower colours like red, pink, yellow, white, and much more. The […]

Snake Plant: Most Useful Air Purifying Plants

Welcome to the In the post, we will know all about air-purifying plants. Snake Plant: Common name is Sansevieria Trifasciata, and this plant is readily available in Asia and Africa. Why is it named snake: There was a problem speaking the name of this plant, and this plant looked like a snake, then it was called snake plant. How […]


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