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Best Method To Grow Japanese Maple & Benefits in Home

Best Method To Grow Japanese Maple & Benefits in Home

In this post, we will know the best method to grow Japanese Maple in a container or flower pot.

  • About Japanese maple
  • How to plant
  • Best tips for care
  • Benefits of Japanese mapple
  • Bloom time

About Japanese Maple: Japanese Maple tree is hardly seen; Japanese maple is a variety of maple trees that can be planted easily in India. The maple tree has at least 100 species globally, and the difference is only some maple tree has more height, and some have shorter height. Otherwise, all maple trees look beautiful and more attractive. The Japanese maple tree is easily available in Japan, Korea, and China.

The scientific name of the Japanese maple is Acer Palmatum, and this maple belongs to the Sapindaceae family. This tree is most famous for its leaves because its leaf is purple with red and this leaf makes a beautiful tree. Each leaf has 5 to 7 petals, and the margin of these leaves is Shaw cut. The first two petals are smaller than the other. These leaves’ centre part(midrib and vein) is purple with red. As shown in the figure.

Japanese maple grows very slow; you may have to wait for a little. The height of this tree grows up to 10 feet to 20 feet, and there are other varieties of maple which grow up to 30 feet.

How to Plant Japanese Maple in Container

The best time to plant maple is Fall Season because, after the fall season, this plant starts to grow. You can grow Japanese maple from its seed, you can get its seeds online store, or you can buy it from the plant store.

To plant seeds, take at least a 20-inch flower pot. This seed needs well-drained soil and fertilizer. You can take fertilizer like coco-peat and mix coco peat and soil. The amount of soil is 60%, and coco-peat 40%. After all, pours soil into a container/flower pot and fill it with 70% of the soil.

Now make a 2-inch hole in the soil and put Japanese maple seed in that soil. After that, pour 1 inch of soil above the seed and water. Keep this container in full sunlight.


Before putting soil in the pot, make 4, to 5 holes on the surface of the pot so that water does not collect. As shown in the above image.

Best Tips for Caring:

  • Watering: When you plant its seeds, less water needs to be added; do not give water till the soil dries. And if we talk about growing 2 to 4 feet, then add water to this plant in 2 days or always check soil moisture.
  • Temperature: This is an essential part of growing a plant, so keep this plant in full sunlight or partial shade.
  • Best Fertilizer: Always give low nitrogen fertilizer or homemade fertilizer. You can fertilize this plant in the late winter or early spring.
  • Pruning: If you want to prune this plant, July and August is the best time to prune. Always prune-like dead/damaged branches and dry leaves.
  • Pests & Disease: Do not forget to spray the medicine if many types of insects are noticed on these plants. This plant can be susceptible to aphids, scale, Japanese beetles, and borers.

Benefits: Now let’s talk about its benefits, there are many benefits of planting plants such as

  • Easy to care for and easy to grow
  • Maple is helpful to make syrup.
  • Maple is also helpful to make medicines.
  • Many types of furniture, flooring, musical instruments, cutting boards, and many other things are helpful from the wood of the maple tree.

Bloom Time: This Japanese maple starts blooming in the spring season, and this flower looks red and purple and depending on which kind of maple you have planted.

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