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Top 5 Veg Foods to Increase Your Muscle Growth | Diet Time

Top 5 Veg Foods to Increase Your Muscle Growth | Diet Time

Welcome to GardenOnTop. In the whole post, we will know the best foods to increase your muscle growth and make you stronger. Most of the foods are easily available at nearby shops or others, you can buy them from online shops. We will cover…

  • Best 5 Foods (Dalia | Poha | Oats | Peanut Butter Jam | Sago (Sabu dana))
  • Best Time for Eating
  • Availability and Costing
  • Top Benefits
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Top 5 Food

Dalia – Most Popular Food

Dalia or Daliya is one of the best foods for the growth of your muscle. Oatmeal (Dalia) is made by grinding wheat and contains several types of vitamins and it has a high amount of carbohydrates. In the market, there are many types of wheat available like emmer, Spelt, Durum, and Common wheat. Common wheat is the most popular and easily available in the market.

Dalia is easily available in the local market or online groceries shops. Starting price of Daliya is 20+ rupees per kg. Just purchased it and take many healthiest benefits. Let’s explore the healthiest benefits…

  • It enhances your muscle growth within 7 to 10 days.
  • One of the best sources to improve your weight gain.
  • Dalia improves your diabetes
  • Always control your cholesterol
  • Obstruct breast cancer and good food for your child.


Note: You can make Dalia as per your taste like sweet or salty or you can also add milk and dry fruits.


Poha – Most Popular Breakfast Food

Poha contains 180 calories per serving (100gm). Raw poha is made from Dehusked rice, then it is dried with a manufacturing machine. There are many types of vitamins and nutrition in Poha as well (after cooked). Poha is also known as avalakki, aval, chira and pauwa.  Starting price of poha is 40+ rupees per kg. Easily available at a nearby shop and online groceries shops.

Ingredients: Potato, Onion, Peanuts, Salt, Chilli pepper, Coriander, Curry leaves, cumin, lemon, and mustard seeds. These are the common ingredients while you making Poha at home. As per your taste, you can eliminate some ingredients.

Let’s find out our Top and recommendation healthiest benefits…

  • It improves your muscle growth and bone health.
  • Good source of Iron and is gluten-free.
  • A good source to improve your blood sugar level.
  • Improves your brain health.
  • Poha enhances skin and hair

Note: Poha is easy to digest and you can eat it daily or thrice a week. Nutritional value, carbohydrate (63gm), Sugar (2gm), Fibre (3gm), Fat (13gm), Vitamin A, C, Calcium, Iron, Sodium (205mg). Values are per serving (80gm).

Oats – Also Known as Avena Sativa

Oats are made from cereal grain seeds. Oats are easily available at groceries shops with different types of smacks. Starting price of Oats is 20+ rupees per 100gm. Purchase it and add it to your diet plan because it is easy to digestible. It contains 306 calories per serving.  

Let’s explain why Oats are necessary during exercise days…

  • Eating oats, it improves your heart diseases.
  • It controls your blood sugar
  • It improves your fat loss & good for metabolism.
  • Oats are gluten-free.
  • Good source of skin & hair
  • It boosts your immunity and reduces your stress & hypertension.
  • Make your bone healthier and stronger.

Note:  Oats contain 397 calories per serving & protein 14gm (100gm of oats). Starting price of Oats is 200+ rupees per kg. No sugar & no cholesterol is available in oats with many types of vitamins like Iron (4.4mg), Sodium (4.9mg), Fibre (10gm), and Carbohydrate (66gm). All values are calculated by RDA. GardenOnTop recommends, eating oats 35gm twice a day.

Peanut Butter Food– Its Recommend

Peanut Butter jam is easily available at nearby groceries shops and also online shops. Peanut butter is made from roasted or grown peanuts. The taste of peanut butter is sweetened, salted, creamy, crunchy…etc. Peanut butter is available in several flavours like crunchy, creamy, chocolate…etc.

Most popular brand for peanut butter with fresh price (INR)

  • MyFitness (549/-)
  • Muscle Blaze with High Protein (610/-)
  • Pintola Peanut Butter (399/-)
  • Brawny Bear (1249/-)
  • Saffola Fittify Whey Protein Peanut Butter (650/-)

Top 5 Healthiest Benefit of Peanut Butter

  • Improve your bone & muscle growth.
  • A good source for improving your heart-related
  • Control blood sugar & cholesterol level.
  • Improve your eyesight and is good for skin health.
  • It improves your stamina & immunity.

Note: If you are doing regular exercise then try the above peanut butter, gives you a better result for all time. You can choose any flavour as per your taste. You must include peanut butter in your breakfast.

Sago - Sabu Dana Cereal

Sabudana is also known as Sago and it is a widely sold product in India and other countries. Sago is made from the root of Cassava and the process of making it. Sabudana looks like small shiny pearls with round shapes. Easily available products at a whole market or online groceries shops. Starting price of Sabudana is 50 rupees per Kg.

Why Sabudana is necessary during the exercise days…

  • It is a good source of instant energy.
  • Sabudana contains high proteins with high calories (544 per serving).
  • Sabudana is gluten-free.
  • It improves your nervous system.
  • Sabudana is best for skin and hair health.

Sabudana Ingredients:  Calories (544), Fibre (1.27g), Protein (0.3g), Calcium (32mg), Iron (2.5mg), Magnesium (1.5mg), Potassium (17mg), Vitamin B5, B6, Folate (1mg), Water (15g). All values are calculated by RDA.

Top 5 Dishes of Sabudana

  • Sabudana Kheer
  • Sabudana Dosa and Khichdi with vegetables
  • Sabudana Tikki & Seekh Kabab
  • Sabudana Chiwda
  • Sabudana Ladoo

Note: You can add any dishes in your breakfast time or lunch time and also eat Sabudana during Navratri days.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In morning breakfast or after exercise.

Morning is the best time during breakfast, you can add.

Depends on scoop or size but normally 500 calories per 100g.


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