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Excellent 2 ways to plant dragon seeds | Significant Results

Excellent 2 ways to plant dragon seeds | Significant Results

Welcome to the GardenOnTop. In the post, we will know the most resonant fragment about the dragon seeds, tree, and fruit.

  • About dragon tree
  • How to plant dragon tree seeds at home
  • Grafting propagation
  • How to care for dragon trees at home and garden
  • Best time for harvesting dragon fruit
  • Benefits of dragon fruit
  • FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Dragon Tree – Gives Expensive Fruit

Dragon tree is a subtropical tree in the genus dracaena and native to Canary Islands, Cape Verde, and introduced in the Azores. The scientific name of dragon tree is Dracaena Draco & belongs to Asparagus family.  Usually, dragon tree grows up to 20 to 30 feet tall and spread up to 15 feet wide. branches grow downward with spine shape edge. There are several verities like Cornstalk, Corn Plant, Song of India, Gold dust, and Canary Islands dragon tree.

  • Fruits are expensive and are not easily available in the market.
  • Dragon fruit colour are depending on the verities like red, yellow, white, and red with white.
  • Dragon fruits taste (mildly sweet) like a kiwi and a pear.

How to Plant Dragon Tree SeedsDragon fruit seeds are very small and light in weight. Seeds are available in online shops or nearby plant nurseries with starting price of 100+ rupees per 50 seeds. Don’t like to buy online, just you have to remove seeds from dragon fruits. Follow the steps for seedling…

  • One ceramic pot with width and height (6*8 inches).
  • For best soil potting: garden soil (40%), vermicompost (30%), sand (10%), cocopeat (20%). Mix it well until the soil becomes well-drained.
  • Fill the soil potting (80%) into the flowerpot and push the soil with your fingers.
  • Take out the dragon fruit seeds and put them into the seeds (1 inch deep). Plant 10 to 12 seeds in a single pot.
  • Pour the remaining soil mixture over the seeds and spray water.
  • Keep the pot in a semi-shade location.

Germination Period: most of the time seeds may take lots of time (due to verities) but usually seeds germination starts within 10 to 12 days. Germination also depends on the hardiness zone, climate, and region. For fast germination, the USDA hardiness zone should be 10 and 11. After germination of plants or grows up to 3 to 4 inches tall then we need to repot again another pot.


How to Repot Dragon Plants: Transplantation is necessary for all plants as the roots fuse and growth stops. Follow simple steps for transplantation…

  • Should be a large pot and the pot should be ceramic.
  • Soil Type: garden soil, vermicompost, sand, vermicompost. Mix it well.
  • Remove all the dragon plants from the old pot (the root should not be broken).
  • Fill out the soil potting into a pot (70%) and plant all the plants (2 to 3 inches deep).
  • Spray water and keep the pot in full sunlight.
  • In a single pot, plant only 2 to 3 plants only (first stage of repotting).

Note: While removing the seeds from the fruits, the fruit should be ripened and removed carefully. Just wash the seeds and keep them in full sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.

How to plant dragon trees using grafting:  Grafting is the best way to plant dragon trees in homes, gardens, and fields. It has some root branches. The grafted plant starts from Rs 50 per plant. Easily available in the online store. After purchasing, follow the How to repot section (for excellent results).

How to Care Dragon Tree & Plant: The dragon tree is a tropical plant or tree, so the dragon tree does not require much care. Just follow these tips and trick for excellent results…

  • Watering: Does not require too much water in any season. Too much water causes root rot and fungal problems. If your region is southern India then, give water once in a week.
  • Best Nutrients and Composition: Loads of nutrients are available in the market but good source of nutrient makes your plants healthy and gives best result. NPK, Banana peel, vermicompost are the best fertilizers for the dragon plants. These fertilizers are easily available in local shops, and nearby nurseries.
  • Temperature & Humidity: Keep the plants in full sunlight. Dragon tree also gives best result in indoor location or bright light. Recommended temperature should be 15°C to 30°C. It is also air-purifying plant so you can keep the plants in kitchen, bathroom, hall, and bedroom (small verities).  
  • Pests & Diseases: No need to give pesticide powder. If any types of diseases and insects are occurred then spray pesticide powder like neem and soap water or other types of pesticide powder or liquid.
  • Pruning and Cleaning: Pruning is the main task for the plant’s growth so, don’t forget to prune dragon plant in autumn season. Pinch out the all-unwanted branches, flowers, weeds. Plant baby plants in another pot (if available). So, every fall season you need to prune all the dragon plants or trees.

Best Time to Harvest Dragon Fruits: Usually (1 year), Flowers begin to appear on the plants in 6 to 8 months and after flowering, fruits begin to appear. So, you have to wait 10 to 12 months for awesome fruiting, then you can harvest them.  

Top 7 Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Benefits of Dragon Fruit:  There are loads of benefits of dragon fruits but we are showing only essential and working benefits for your health.

  • It contains loads of magnesium and anti-oxidants.
  • It boosts your immune system.
  • Dragon fruits are fat-free and contain fiber.
  • Dragon fruits control your blood sugar and diabetes level.
  • It is a good source to improve your heart system.
  • Make your bones strong and healthy.
  • A good source to improve hair and eye quality.

Most Popular Recipes for Dragon Fruit: Below are the awesome and most popular recipes or shakes. You can add it to your breakfast. You can make it at your home. It is also best in the summer season. Try it & chill it…

  • Dragon Fruit Shake (papaya, cucumber, mango, banana).
  • Dragon Fruit Salad.
  • Dragon fruit with salsa.
  • Dragon fruit smoothie, banana, mango, blueberries with dragon fruit smoothie (Try it once).
winter 5 fruits

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions): Easily search your queries within a second without reading the whole post. Frequently Ask Questions is an important section to the users. So, let’s explore…

Yes, you can easily grow at your home (follow the growing section)

Just, make your soil with garden soil, vermicompost, sand, cocopeat, and plant all seeds.

Once in a while add compost to the plants (follow the caring section).

Lots of varieties are available but the most popular varieties are Cornstalk, Corn Plant, Song of India, Gold dust, and Canary Islands dragon tree.

Consuming dragon fruit, there are lots of godsends (refer benefit section).

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