Most Popular 3 Fertilizers for Summer Plants

In the post, we will know most popular fertilizer for summer plants Decomposed cow dung Seaweed Vermicompost We will know all these fertilizers and how to use them in your plants, and the best time for fertilization Decomposed Cow Dung Cow dung manure is widely used in agriculture or is the most popular compost for indoor and outdoor plants. Most […]

Plants Growth is Stopped | Give This Fertilizer | How to Use

In the post, we will know about how to restart plants growth using fertilizers with tips and tricks About fertilizers How to use fertilizers Best time for fertilization Action after fertilization Other reasons Why did Plant Growth Stop? There are many reasons: small pot size, watering, best compost and timing, sunlight, Transplantation…etc. Common reasons like not using the best fertilizer, […]

Amazing 7 Fertilizer for Summer Plants | Uses

In the post, we will know all types of best fertilizer for your summer plants Fish Emulsion Seaweed Cow Manure Chicken Manure Blood Meal Fish Meal Banana Peel We will know, about the fertilizer and how to use these fertilizers for your plants Fish Emulsion Fish emulsion is one of the best fertilizers for indoor and outdoor plants—fish emulsion is […]

How to Care Summer Flowering Plants | Tips

In the post, we will know about caring for summer flowering plants How to give water? The best fertilizer for plants Best Temperature Time of cutting or pruning Pests & Diseases Most people don’t care about how to care for flowering plants in the summer season, but here is the post to resolve it. Please read carefully and do it […]


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