New Trick to Germinate Tinda Seeds at Home

Welcome to the GardenOnTop (Beginners to Advanced Plantation). In the post, we will know all about Tinda’s plantation and know the healthiest benefits… About tinda (apple gourd) Ultimate tips for germination of seeds at home with a well-drained soil mixture How to care for tinda at home Best time to harvest tinda Top 6 healthiest benefits CAQ (Common Asked Questions) […]

New Ways to Get Lots of Pumpkins at Home

Welcome to the GardenOnTop. In the post, we will learn all about the pumpkin plantation and knowing something new… About pumpkin Best ways for seedling and location How to manage to get lots of pumpkins Good time for harvesting Top 7 healthiest benefits Top 5 popular recipes CAQ (Common Asked Questions) Pumpkin: Thanksgiving Food of Canada & USA About Pumpkin: […]

How to Plant Durian Seeds at Home or landscape

Welcome to the GardenOnTop. In the whole post, we will know the all stages of Durian plants seeds to tree stages. Knowing all phases and some facts about durian fruits… About durian fruit How to germinate seeds at home Managing the whole life of durian tree at home Benefits of durian fruits Flowering & Fruiting Time Durian – Popular Creepy […]

Persimmon – How to Grow Seeds at Home | Good Soil Nature

Welcome to In the post, we will know all about the Persimmon fruit tree and identify something new about the fruit… About persimmon tree How to propagate seeds at home with good soil media How to care whole life of a persimmon tree Fruiting period & harvesting time Top 7 benefits of fruit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Persimmon – […]

How to Produce Jujube Plant with Seeds | Know Tips & Tricks

Welcome to another post on GardenOnTop. In the post, we will know all about the Jujube plants and will know something new tips and tricks… About jujube tree How to produce plants using seeds How to care to get lots of fruits Blooming Session Heathiest benefits FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Jujube Tree – Most Popular Tropical Fruit Tree About Jujube: […]

How To Grow Common Purslane Flower Plant(Portulaca Oleracea)

Welcome to another post of In the post, we will know deep detail about the common purslane flowering plant. About common purslane plants How to grow common purslane plant at home, and garden Mind blowing caring tips for common purslane plants Best places to look attractive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Purslane – Evergreen Flowering Plant Common Purslane Flowering Plant: […]

Most Reliable 3 Methods to Grow Begonia

In the post, we will know all about begonia flowering plants and growing tips About begonia plants Physical information Propagation methods (Bulbs, Stem cuttings, leaf cuttings) Ultimate caring tips for blooming Blooming months FAQ (frequently asked questions) Begonia Flowering Plant Begonia Flowering Plant: Begonia is one of the most popular perennial flowering plants and it belongs to the Begoniaceae family. […]

Anthurium: Easiest Way for Growing

In the post, we will cover all about anthurium flowering plants About anthurium How to grow seeds in pot and gardens Best time for plantation Best caring tips and tricks Blooming season FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Anthurium Flowering Plants Anthurium Flowering Plants: Anthurium is a flowering plant with blooming that are heart-shaped. Anthurium plant is mostly seen in offices, and […]

Most Popular Way to Grow Cockscomb at Home

In this post, we will know all about Cock’s comb plant About cock’s comb Plantation methods Best caring tips Bloom time Something new? Cock’s comb Cock’s comb: Cock’s comb is also known as celosia and it is the most popular, eye-catching, and perennial flowering plant. It comes with the Amaranthaceae family and the scientific name is Celosia. In the Indian […]

Curry Plant: Popular Way For Plantation

In the post, we will know all about curry plants and benefits of leaves About curry plants Plantation methods Get lots of curry leaves Harvesting time Benefits of leaves Recipes name? Curry Plant Curry Plant: In the Rutaceae family, the curry plant is the most popular or it is also known as sweet neem. It is the most popular due […]

Something New About Champa/Plumeria Plant

In the post, we will know all about Champa/plumeria plants and something new about the Champa plant About Champa Physical information How to grow at home Awesome caring tips Flowering time Some new facts and benefits Champa or Plumeria About Champa: Champa or plumeria are evergreen flowering plants and they bloom many types of flowers. 50+ species are available around […]

Most Popular Trick to Plant Clove Seeds

In the post, we will know all about the clove tree and how to plant seeds About clove tree The most popular trick to plant seeds How to care for plants Best time for harvesting Health benefits of clove Clove Tree About Clove Tree: The clove tree is one of the most popular trees in the Myrtaceae family and the […]


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