Pointed Gourd: New Seedling Tips | Caring | Best Fertilizers

Welcome to the GardenOnTop. We will know all about the Pointed Gourd and knowing why it is so beneficial for us… About pointed gourd New seedling tips and tricks How to get lots of pointed gourd Top 7 Suggested benefits Best time for harvesting pointed gourd FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Pointed Gourd – A Unfailing Vegetable Pointed Gourd is one […]

New Trick to Germinate Tinda Seeds at Home

Welcome to the GardenOnTop (Beginners to Advanced Plantation). In the post, we will know all about Tinda’s plantation and know the healthiest benefits… About tinda (apple gourd) Ultimate tips for germination of seeds at home with a well-drained soil mixture How to care for tinda at home Best time to harvest tinda Top 6 healthiest benefits CAQ (Common Asked Questions) […]

New Ways to Get Lots of Pumpkins at Home

Welcome to the GardenOnTop. In the post, we will learn all about the pumpkin plantation and knowing something new… About pumpkin Best ways for seedling and location How to manage to get lots of pumpkins Good time for harvesting Top 7 healthiest benefits Top 5 popular recipes CAQ (Common Asked Questions) Pumpkin: Thanksgiving Food of Canada & USA About Pumpkin: […]

Amazing Tips to Grow Capsicum Seeds in Pot

In the post, we will know all about Capsicum Plants and how to grow them at home About capsicum How to grow seeds in a flowerpot Best caring tips Best time for harvesting About Capsicum: Capsicum is a perennial flowering plant in the family of Solanaceae and is native to the Americas. Capsicum is cultivated worldwide. It has many verities […]

Awesome Trick to Get Lots of Bottle Gourd | Pot

In the post, we will know how to get lots of bottle gourds in a single flowerpot About bottle gourd How to plant at home Get lots of bottle gourd Harvesting time Top 4 benefits About Bottle Gourd: Everyone must have heard the name of the bottle gourd, and many people also like to eat it. Bottle gourd is an […]

Most Popular Trick to Growing Organic Turmeric

In the post, we will know how to grow organic turmeric in your home and garden About turmeric The best trick for growing Top 4 caring tips and tricks Best time for harvesting Amazing benefits Side effects? About Turmeric: Turmeric is a perennial flowering plant, and its roots are used as spices and herbs for cooking purposes. It is similar […]

Get Lots of Cherry Tomatoes | Amazing Tips

In the post, we will know amazing tips and tricks to get lots of cherry tomatoes on plants About cherry tomatoes A simple way for seedling Tips and tricks Harvesting time About Cherry Tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes are small in size, which is 2 to 3 cm long, with a round shape. Cherry tomatoes are similar to tomatoes, and their seeds […]

Coriander: Simple Way for Plantation

In this post we will know about all about Coriander seeds plantation About coriander plants A simple way for seedling How to care for plants Best time for harvesting Benefits of coriander About Coriander Plants: Coriander plants are annually evergreen growing plants/herbs. Coriander seeds and leaves are one of the best herbs in the family of Apiaceae. Leaves and seeds […]

Sweet Potato: Simple Trick For Plantation

In this post, we will know about Sweet potato About sweet potato How to plant in a flowerpot Best caring tips Season of fruits Top 4 benefits About Sweet Potato: Sweet potato is the best rooting vegetable plant in the family of Convolvulaceae. This vegetable is edible and sweet in taste, and it has lots of benefits, and you can […]

Cucumber Vine: Most Popular Growing Method & Compost

In this post, we will know about the Cucumber vine About cucumber vine The perfect method for plantation How to care to get more cucumber Season of fruits About Cucumber Vine: Cucumber is the most used vegetable in the salad. It has a cylindrical shape with a round shape and grows up to 3 to 10 inches. It has many […]

Perfect Way to Plant Lemon Seeds In Flower Pot

In this post, we will know Lemon plants About lemon How to plant seeds in a flowerpot Best caring tips Bloom season About Lemon Tree: Lemon is one of the best used (culinary and non-culinary) fruit in the family of Rutaceae, or it is the most miniature fruit in this family. The scientific name of lemon is Citrus x lemon, […]

Amazing 5 Caring Tips For Pea Plants & Fertilizer

In this post, we will know about the Pea plant A simple method to grow seeds Top 5 caring tips Benefits Harvest time Simple Method to Grow Seeds: The best time to plant seeds is in October or November. First, you need to purchase seeds from an online store or local shop. If you have peas, take out the thick […]

Simple Method to Grow Cauliflower at Home

In the post we will know about Cauliflower Plant The simple method to grow cauliflower Best care tips Benefits Bloom time Simple Method to Grow Cauliflower: The best time to grow a cauliflower plant is in the winter season, and you can plant its seeds at the beginning of the winter season (October to November). Prepare a soil mixture: To […]

Simple Way to Grow Garlic at Home | Care Tips

In the post, we will know all About Garlic plant and some new benefits of garlic Simple way to grow garlic at home Care tips Benefits of garlic Harvest time of garlic Simple Way to Grow: The best way to grow Garlic, grow it with its garlic clove. How to let’s read the full post. To grow a clove of […]


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