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Peach – How to Germinate Seeds at Home | Ultimate 7 Benefits

Peach – How to Germinate Seeds at Home | Ultimate 7 Benefits

Welcome to another post of GardenOnTop. In the whole post, we will discuss all about the Peach tree and know awesome benefits.

  • About peach tree
  • How to germinate peach seeds at home in container
  • How to manage whole life of peach tree
  • Ultimate 7 health benefits
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Peach Tree – Edible Juicy Fruit

About: The peach tree is a fleeting tree and bears edible juicy fruits. It is also known as nectarine and was first cultivated in Eastern China. The scientific name of the peach tree is Prunus persica and it belongs to the Rosaceae family. Rosaceae family contains the cherry plant, plum, apricot and rose family.

Most common peach trees or verities like Belle of Georgia, Reliance peach, Red haven peach tree, and redskin peach tree. Fruit size may vary, but the size of fruits depends on verities. Peachtree grow up to 4 to 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide and dwarf verities grow up to 20 feet tall. Seeds are similar to almonds and peach fruits are round shape with 2 to 3 inches with annular shape.

Cost | Availability | Growing

Availability of Seeds & How to Grow Peach Seeds at Home: We have two methods to grow peach seeds, one is by using seeds and another is, by planting grafted peach plants. Grafted plants should be a good reason because it comes with some leaves and branches, and maybe bloom flowers but plant size may vary. You can purchase seeds from online shops like AMAZON, FLIPKART, UGAOO…etc. Seeds are not too expensive, their starting price is 100+ rupees per package. In 1 packet, seeds may vary from 5 to 10 or 10+.

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Best Choice of Plant: If you do not want to buy seeds, go for grafted plants, which are also available in nearby nurseries or online shops. The cost of the grafted plant is around Rs.200+ per plant. If you are unable to find seeds or grafted plants so, just buy ripe peach fruits and follow the below steps…

  • Eat or cut the peaches and remove seeds, you can see the pit.
  • Broke the pits and remove seeds carefully. Seeds are similar to almonds seeds.
  • Wash it and keep it in water for 4 to 5 hours or you can keep the seeds in a wipe tissue.
  • Remove it and clean it.

For seeds plantation, just we need to follow simple steps…

  • For seedlings, vermicompost is enough for the germination period.
  • Just take one container, the size should be around 6 to 8 inches wide.
  • Fill it with good quality vermicompost and take 4 to 5 seeds.
  • Pit a hole 2 inches deep and plant all the seeds and cover it with the same vermicompost.
  • Within 20 to 22 days, germination starts from the seeds and you can see tiny leaves & branches with seeds.
  • For Repotting, choose the grafted methods.

How to Plant Grafted Plant:  Take normal garden soil, vermicompost, and add coco-peat. Mix it well and take the medium size container. Fill the container with well-drained garden soil and take out the grafted plant. Plant it 5 to 6 inches deep and cover the roots with soil. Give water and plant it in full sunlight locations.

Note: The container should have drainage holes and put the small stones over the drainage holes, and the soil pH should be around 5.5 to 6.5. Should be USDA hardiness zones 4-10 but easily grow in zones 6 to 8. Change the peach tree variety if these zones should not occur in your area.

How to Care Peach Tree

Manage Whole Life of Peach Tree: There are many things to care for the peach tree at home, but we are showing ultimate tips and tricks. Just you need to be aware of these things. Let’s explore the caring tips and tricks…

  • Best Nutrient: There are several types of nutrients available in the market but we are talking only about the best fertilization. Peach tree bears fruit and hence, we recommend applying only NPK, rotted cow manure, and vermicompost (while fertilizing). This fertilizer is easily available in the market or you can also buy it from the nearby nursery. When repotting, you need to add coco-peat (moisture management) to the soil. Banana peel compost also works well.
  • Humidity & Temperature: Many beginners are confused about where to place the plants but GardenOnTop gives you the best place where you can maintain the whole life of the peach tree or small plants. For small peach plants, you can place them in a shady spot or give them morning sunlight and put it in full sun once the plant is 2 to 3 feet tall. The recommended temperature should be 15°C to 28°C.
  • Pruning Time: Pruning is the best solution to manage the whole life of the peach tree. Just cut out the unwanted branches, leaves, faded flowers…etc. Always use the cutting tools. Wear your gloves and cut the plants. Late spring is the best for pruning
  • Watering Cycle: Watering is necessary daily in the summer season and twice a week in the winter time. Always use a spray water can. Give water in the morning or evening. Before watering check your region as well.
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Ultimate 7 Benefits: There are lots of healthiest benefits of peach fruits and you can also enjoy peach fruit Shakes, Juices, Ice-Creams…etc. Let’s explore the ultimate 7 benefits of peach fruits…

  • Boost your vision.
  • Improve your bones and digestive system.
  • A good source for skin problems (also available facewashes and creams).
  • Improve your heart problems and prevent any diseases.
  • Good source of Anti-oxidants.
  • Peach fruits are rich in vitamins. It contains many types of vitamins like A, C, E, and Selenium.
  • It controls your gaining and losing weight.

Harvest Period: Flowers bloom on the plant 3 to 4 years after sowing the seeds and the flowers give off a pleasant smell. The flowers are also similar to the almond tree. Therefore, when you are satisfied with the size of the fruit, you can harvest them.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)- FAQ is a most important task for the user, while reading this section users can save time. Just simple queries with resolution. Let’s explore the frequently asked questions…

Just add vermicompost, garden soil, and cocopeat.

Just, read the benefits section.

Sometimes it depends on regions or weather (hot or cold), for more info read the how to manage section.

Not to say, you can buy 1 kg peach at 498 rupees.

This is not an indoor plant, for the best growth keep the peach plants at outdoor locations.

Yes, it is a good place for plants.

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