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Most Popular Way to Grow Cockscomb at Home

Most Popular Way to Grow Cockscomb at Home

In this post, we will know all about Cock’s comb plant

  • About cock’s comb
  • Plantation methods
  • Best caring tips
  • Bloom time
  • Something new?

Cock’s comb

Cock’s comb: Cock’s comb is also known as celosia and it is the most popular, eye-catching, and perennial flowering plant. It comes with the Amaranthaceae family and the scientific name is Celosia. In the Indian and Indonesian recipes, it is known as food material. Celosia has 10+ species around the world and all the species belong to the Amaranthaceae family. 

How Cock’s comb look: Cock’s comb plant easily grow up to 1 o 2 feet tall and spread up to 1 feet wide. Plants grow
lots of branches and these branches are red colour and it grows broad to narrow size. Leaves (undulate shape) are growing up to 3 to 6 inches long with 3 inches wide (mature size of leaves). Leaves have midribs and veins, midribs are red to dark red colour and veins are light white in colour.

In the beginning, stems are green and then turn red after maturing. As the stems grow, they are broad to narrow in size. Stems grow lots of branches with leaves.

As shown in the image

cock's comb

Plantation Methods: There are lots of plantation methods but we are posting only the most popular methods i.e. using seeds and stem cutting. Most of the time, seeds takes much time for germination and stem cutting takes few days for germination (it depends on the soil potting and region).

Making Soil Potting: Most beginners don’t know how to make a good quality soil mixture. To make a good quality soil mixture, take out the normal garden soil (40%), cow dung (30%), and compost (10%). You can also add fungicide powder. Mix it well and follow these steps-

  • One clay or ceramic flowerpot (up to 20 cm wide).
  • Fill the soil mixture into flowerpot (pot should be empty 4 inches)
  • Take out the cock’s comb seeds and spray them into the soil mixture (seeds are so small so you can also put them into the soil mixture).
  • Cover all the seeds with the same soil potting.
  • Spray some water and cover the pot with newspaper or you can place the pot in greenhouses.
  • Place the pot in a semi-shaded location.

Within 25 to 30 days, germination starts from the seeds and leaves and stems are appears from the plants. After germination, place the pot in morning sunlight (for at least 3 to 4 hours). Spray some water if the soil is dried.

Transplantation time and Tips: If you have sown 5 to 6 seeds in a large pot, there is no need to transplant them in a separate flowerpot. If plants grow up to 3 to 4 inches in a single flowerpot then, you need to transplant them in another pot. Use the same soil and plant them 2 to 3 inches deep in the same soil mixture.

At a glance: Make sure the flowerpot has good drainage holes. If no, make 5 to 7 drainage holes and cover them with stones or pebbles. For the best results, the USDA hardiness zone should be 9 to 11.


Beginners mistakes before sowing seeds:

  • Not choosing the right time for seedling
  • Don’t know flowerpot sizes
  • Soil potting mistakes
  • Not placing the pot in the best location
  • Aware of watering, fertilization.

Best Caring Tips

Watering: Cock’s comb plant does not need to be watered daily as plants can survive for 3 to 4 days without water. It is necessary to water 2 to 3 times a week. In June and July, the temperature is high (above 35C), so water daily in the morning.

Top Quality Fertilizers: You can use cow dung and vermicompost fertilizer before the flowering season or after the autumn season. Cow dung and vermicompost are easily buying from online stores and local nurseries.

Diseases Problems: Many types of diseases are occur during the growing season like root rot, fungus so, always use fungicide powder (while seedling) or you can mix the powder with water and give water thoroughly. Most of the time many types of insects are an attack on the plants like aphids, squash bugs, and spider mites and these insects bite the leaves and kill the leaves and plants so, always use pesticide powder or liquid with water.

Pruning: Cut out the bite and faded leaves, faded flowers, unwanted branches.

Sunlight & Temperature: For the best results, keep the plants in full sunlight for at least 4 to 6 hours. Always save the plants from heavy rain and heavy wind. During the germination period, give morning sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.

Blooming Months: During the mid-summer, blooming starts on the plants and it blooms different types of flowers like pink, orange-red, gold, yellow…etc. Flower colour depends on the verities. Cock’s comb plants bloom flowers (upright) for at least 8 to 10 months.  

Flower shape is “Fold of the Brain” and the blooming are large

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, you can use the same soil mixture (garden soil + cow dung + compost)

Most popular ways are, by using seeds and stem cuttings

Holes are necessary to supply water to the plants and due to holes, root rot problems are not occurring.

Flower blooms on the plants for at least 5 to 7 months and many verities 8 to 10 months.  

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