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How to Make Fertilizer or Pesticide using Curd

How to Make Fertilizer or Pesticide using Curd

In the post, we will know how to make fertilizer or pesticide liquid using curd and also known, how to make cow dung fertilizer

  • How to make fertilizer and pesticide liquid
  • How to make cow dung compost
  • How to use it?

How to make pesticide or fungicide liquid using curd

This is one of the weird methods, but we are making fungicide or pesticide liquid by using curd. You can give this liquid to all plants. Most vegetable plants and fruit plants. Curd has lots of NPK. Now follow these steps.

  • Take out the 500ml of curd and steel pot.
  • Fill the curd into a steel pot and cover the pot with any polythene.
  • Place the pot in a dark area or inside a vermicompost fertilizer.
  • After 15 to 20 days, remove the pot from that place.
  • Remove polythene from the pot and check whether the white part of the curd is settled or not.
  • If the white part of the curd is settled down, then filter the curd water using a filtration tool.
  • Store water in a bottle or any other pot.

Use pesticide: Take out the 5 to 6-litre water, add curd pesticide (liquid 100 to 200 ml only), and mix it well. I always used a spray water gun and filled the liquid into the spray gun. Now spray water on all plant’s leaves (upper and down leaves) and branches. This pesticide liquid also works as a fertilizer. Always use twice a day or 5 to 6 times a week.

Making fertilizer using compost: In the above steps, you will see the remaining white part of the curd while filtering water for pesticide liquid. The remaining part of the curd works as a fertilizer. You can give this fertilizer to all fruit and vegetable plants, and this fertilizer you can give before the growing season or during the summer season.

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How to Make Cow Dung Fertilizer

Cow dung is one of the best fertilizers for all plants, indoor and outdoor. Cow dung fertilizer gives the best result. Always use cow dung fertilizer after 30 to 35 days or before the growing season. Most gardeners used cow dung manure without decomposing, but in that case, a good result is not possible because while we used direct cow dung manure, it soaked all the nutrients from the soil potting, or it’s not dilute with the same soil mixture.   

When you are using decomposed cow dung, then it will give you the best result. Cow dung manure has many nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Now how to make decomposed cow dung

  • Take out the cow dung pieces 5 to 6 only.
  • Keep the pieces in water for at least 20 to 30 hours (the piece should be fully dissolved).
  • After that, remove all the cow dung pieces from the water and breaks them into small pieces.
  • Now you can add some amount of curd 200ml) and jaggery (100gm). Curd and jaggery should be broken.
  • Mix it well (broken cow dung, curd, and jaggery).
  • Fill the mixture into a pot and cover the pot with polythene.
  • Keep the pot in a semi-shaded location for at least 15 to 20 days.
  • After 20 days, you will see cow dung are black in colour, which is decomposed cow dung.
  • Your decomposed cow dung is ready to use, and you can use it in all plants.

The remaining water of cow dung pieces also works as a liquid cow dung fertilizer. You can give this fertilizer is direct or with water.

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pesticide or fungicide liquid using curd

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