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Try These Green Tea Flavours for Awesome Mind Relaxing

Try These Green Tea Flavours for Awesome Mind Relaxing

Most people drink Green Tea as per their taste, but GardenOnTop will tell you which Green Tea is best for mind relaxation. In the market, different types of Green Tea are available as per flavour with a starting price of 100+ rupees (50 gm).

Let’s start with our topic: Green Tea flavour companies like Typhoo, Tetley, Organic India, Lipton, Twining’s India, Basilur Tea, and Golden Tips Tea. Most of the company flavours have already tried GardenOnTop. So, as per GardenOnTop taste, we recommend trying these company names (Green Tea) with flavours.



Typhoo Green Tea is one of the most popular manufacturing companies. Typhoo makes different types of green tea flavours like

  • Pure Natural Green Tea
  • Detoxing Organic Slim
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Relaxing Organic Night Time
  • Uplifted Green Tea
  • Lemon and Honey
  • Moroccan Mint
  • Traditional Tulsi Green
  • Lime and Lemon
  • Floral Jasmine Green Tea
  • Refreshing Peppermint Tea

You should try, or I think you tried Organic Green Tea, Lemon and Honey, Moroccan Mint, and Lime and Lemon. These flavours are fantastic, and it makes your mind relaxed and joyful.

Why These Flavours Are Awesome

Organic Green Tea: Organic Green Tea and natural green Tea are similar in taste but slightly different natural green tea gives you a natural taste because it’s made up of pure green tea leaves (without adding any other components). But Organic Green Tea is made up of green tea leaves and lots of ingredients like Vitamin B, B1, B2, Niacin, Vitamin C, E, Fluorine, and Saponins. So, you prefer your taste.

Lemon & Honey: Most famous and widely used in the market, and most people have used this flavour because it is also helpful to lose weight, belly fat…etc. So, if you have belly fat, high in weight, take this flavour after the exercise. Green tea gives you results after 1 or 2 months. Lemon has many antioxidant properties, and it controls your sugar level and improves your digestion system. Honey enhances your energy and eye-sight and improves your voice.

Refresh Your Mind with Moroccan Mint Flavour

Moroccan green tea

Moroccan mint flavour has mint properties, and the taste is the aroma of mint; it is naturally chemical­ free with therapeutic properties. Benefits are high in antioxidants, hydrate body, aids weight loss, and metabolic booster. Moroccan mint has lots of ingredients like Organic Green Tea (60%), Organic Spearmint (25%), and Organic Peppermint (25%). It has nutrients like carbohydrates, energy (Kcal), Fat (nil), protein (18.19gm), and added sugar (<0.1). For the best taste, water should be hot at 85°C.

Lime & Lemon Green Tea

Lime and Lemon: Lime and lemon green tea also work as detoxifying the liver, which helps to improve your enzymes. It has natural lime and lemon flavour. Benefits are weight loss, improved energy level, brain health, prevention of kidney stones, and fight against sugar levels. Ingredients like tea (90%), lime and lemon (9%). Carbohydrate 14.5 (100gm tea), Fat (Nil), Protein (8.5g), Kcal (91.5).

How to Taste

How to Make These Green Tea: There are several methods to make green tea, but we have introduced only a Common way for all flavours. You can purchase a green tea box in the market with 20 to 25 small bags inside the box (1.8 gm to 2 gm). Starting price of green tea is 100+ rupees.

  • Use one teabag per cup.
  • Take hot water (85°C to 100°C) in 150ml to 200ml water.
  • You can add honey (optional).
  • Steep for 3 to 4 minutes only.
  • After that, remove that tea bag, and your green tea is ready to drink.
green tea

Typhoo: About Other Green Tea Flavours

Elaichi Green Tea:   Elaichi Green Tea gives you the pure taste of Elaichi. It has a flavoured tea. Lots of ingredients like tea (91%), Real Cardamom (5%), and natural cardamom flavour (4%). It has nutrients like carbohydrates, Fat (nil), protein (6gm), and Energy Kcal (79gm).

For the best taste, water should be hot at 100°C in 100 ml of water and steep for 3 to 5 minutes, then refresh your mind.

Elaichi flavour has many benefits, but GardenOnTop.com shows only the Top 5 benefits. It is beneficial for your health.

  • Rich in antioxidants properties.
  • It boosts your metabolism and enhances your working energy.
  • Improves your digestive system.
  • It improves your heart health and blood circulation.
  • It has anti-ageing properties.
green tea

Traditional Tulsi Green Tea: These green teas are made up of Tea leaves (90%), Real Tulsi leaves (5%), and Tulsi flavour (5%). Mostly tulsi green tea is best for when you have alimentation like cough seven cold. It gives you the best result when your water is hot at 100°C and steep for 4 to 5 minutes only. Take 1 hour after a meal for best results.

Tulsi green tea has many benefits, but we are showing only the Top 6 benefits for your health.

  • Reduce your stress.
  • Improves your immune system.
  • Enhance your stamina.
  • It has anti-ageing properties.
  • Improves digestion and metabolism system.
  • Fight against cough, cold, and illness.

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