Air Purify Plants
Snake Plant: Most Useful Air Purifying Plants

Snake Plant: Most Useful Air Purifying Plants

Welcome to the In the post, we will know all about air-purifying plants.

Snake Plant: Common name is Sansevieria Trifasciata, and this plant is readily available in Asia and Africa.

Why is it named snake: There was a problem speaking the name of this plant, and this plant looked like a snake, then it was called snake plant.

How to look like this plant: This plant is dark green in appearance, and its leaves are dark green and yellow margin and have a snake-like stripe.

By the way, there are many varieties of snake plants, but the most popular realities have been mentioned below:-

  • Bird’s nest snake plant
  • Cylinder snake plant
  • Laurentii Sansevieria

Bird’s Nest Snake Plant: This plant is very useful in home and office because it grows up to 7 inches and can be quickly grown in a cup, and it looks beautiful, and this plant is also known as the hahnii plant.

You can easily locate plants at the tree plant shops. Snake plants will be easily available for 100 to 150 rupees.

How to Care: To care for plants, you have to add water after three to four days, if you add more water then the root of this plant quickly Will melt, and this plant may spoil.

Cylinder Snake Plants: The leaf of this plant is round in appearance, and its leaf becomes very large with time, and this plant proliferates if it is taken care of properly, and you can easily find this plant at the tree plant store. This plant is readily available for 100 to 150 rupees.

Laurentii Sansevieria: This plant has leaves that are green-coloured centres and yellow margins. and easily found in plant shop with the price of 100 to 200 rupees.

Now we will talk about snake plants and why it is necessary for home and offices.

We all know that it is challenging to breathe these days; it is essential to plant this plant in the house in such a situation.
This plant cleans the air, kills many toxic gases, and gives you pure air.

So now let’s talk about, How to plant at home.

The first way you have is to bring seeds from the shop of this plant, or you can also bring a plant, and this plant is readily available at the plant shop.
This plant will be 5 to 7 inches in length, and to apply, you take a big flower pot and a little wet soil.
You must also fertilize with the soil; otherwise, this plant will not multiply, and if it gets spoiled, you should also fertilize with the ground.

How to Care Plant

When you plant this plant properly, you have to give water only once every two to three days; you do not have to provide much water, so make sure that the soil does not get too wet. You can keep this plant anywhere, such as in front of the sun or inside the house; people keep this plant in a place where there is sunlight and no more shade. If you plant it indoors, then keep it in the sunlight once weak.

Caution: Sometimes there is a fear of insects in the plants, so you do not forget to sprinkle the insecticidal medicine, make sure that you do not sprinkle the medicine too much, otherwise plants will spoil quickly and their leaves will burn.

Advantages of Snake Plants

  • The most significant benefit of this plant is it gives you pure air.
  • It is a decorating plant.

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