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Most Popular Verities Of Hibiscus Plant With Caring Tips

Most Popular Verities Of Hibiscus Plant With Caring Tips

Hibiscus Plant: In the post, we will know all about the hibiscus plant we will cover :

  • About hibiscus
  • Types of hibiscus
  • Plantation of hibiscus
  • How to care
  • Bloom time
  • Benefits of the hibiscus plant

About Hibiscus Plant: Many people have seen the hibiscus plant, which is most commonly seen at home and in the garden. Many people also know the hibiscus plant by the name of Gudhal. Hibiscus is a flowering plant and belongs to the mallow family, Malvaceae, and this plant is of many varieties and has many species which are similar in appearance to Hibiscus.

The height of the hibiscus plant goes up to 5 feet, and the roots of this plant are brown, and the leaves of this plant are green with small edge cutting, and the length of these leaves is up to 3 inches, and this plant spreads up to 2 to 3 feet as you see in the photo.

Now let’s talk about the variety of this plant:-

  • Native Hibiscus: The native Hibiscus is also known as Rose Mallow, and 35 species of this Hibiscus are the most common species of this plant found in America, this Hibiscus grows up to 4 feet, and it grows naturally in wetlands. You can plant Native Hibiscus in mid-winter.
  • Hardy Hibiscus: Hardy Hibiscus are evergreen Hibiscus, and it is seen in many houses and gardens the flower colour are pink, white and purple.
  • Tropical Hibiscus: tropical Hibiscus are the most common tropical hibiscus plant, and it is easily available in-plant shops. Tropical Hibiscus has large flowers and large leaves, and these flowers are patchy/rich in colour.
  • Annual Hibiscus: Annual Hibiscus quickly grows in a cool climate, and this plant should be seeded only during the cold season; the height of this plant is grown up to least 4 feet so that you can plant this plant in a flowerpot, and the flower colour is light-dark red.

Plantation of Hibiscus :

So now let’s talk about how to cultivate this plant so that this plant starts growing straightway.

There are many varieties of this plant and the method of growing them is also different. so we can grow any kind of hibiscus using this technique.

There are two ways: By using seeds and other is buy a hibiscus plant from a plant shop.

How to Plant Hibiscus by using Seeds :

First of all, you have to take its seeds and take the loamy sand soil; now you have to mix this soil with seaweed fertilizer and mix well. after that, you have to keep this soil in the flower pot and then add its seeds. After that, you have to keep some more soil on the roots and after 2 hours give some water.

Buying Hibiscus by plant shop: You can plant it in 2 places, one on the ground and the other in a big flower pot, and you have to mix fertilizer with the soil and then pour this soil into a big flower pot until the pot is half full and after that keep this plant in the flower pot and add some more soil in the pot. If you use fertile soil, this plant starts growing 20% faster and then place this plant in the sunlight for 2 hours or some partial shade.

Remember: After 2 hours gives some water to the plants.

How to Care for Hibiscus Plant:

  • Watering: This plant needs more water during the summer season; that’s why it must have to be watered once a day, and In; the cold season gives this plant minimum water.
  • Maintain Temperature between 16°C – 32°C or shade. Above 32°C, these plant leaves burn, and these leaves become black.
  • Before planting, check soil p-H (recommend slightly acidic and neutral)
  • This plant needs loamy-type soil.
  • If the Temperature does not maintain so, you can keep this plant in the morning sunlight.
  • Peste and Disease: This plant gets insects like mealy bugs, aphids, Japanese beetles, and more. so you do not forget to sprinkle the medicine
  • You have to need to fertilize this plant every month.

Flowering Time and Color:-

The flowers bloom till the month of June and thereafter in winter. this plant has many varieties and gives flowers of the same type like white, red, purple, and more.

Benefits of Hibiscus Plant:-

  • This plant attracts Hummingbirds and Butterflies.
  • This plant is used as a treatment for headaches, coughs, and swelling.

Side Effects: Phosphorus content kill your Hibiscus so don’t use this type of fertilizer.

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