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Tulsi – New Importance in Hinduism

Tulsi – New Importance in Hinduism

Now this post is related to the sacred plant i.e. Tulsi Plant

We will know about :

  • About Tulsi plant
  • How to plant Tulsi
  • How to care for plant
  • Medicinal uses of the plant
  • Bloom time
  • Importance of Tulsi in Hinduism

About Tulsi Plant :

The Tulsi plant is also known as the queen of herbs and Tulasi. Many people have seen the Tulsi plant. Do you know the right way to grow this Tulsi plant, and how do you care for the plant so that this plant will always be good.

Tulsi plant, whose height grows up to 3 feet and its leaves are green and small, and the size of these leaves grows up to 2 inches. And the root of this plant is thin. Tulsi plant has many branches when this plant grows up to 3 feet. And this tulsi plant spread up to 2 feet wide. When this plant is tiny, its branches are green, and when this plant starts growing, its branches slowly start having saddle brown.

tulsi Plant
Tulsi Plant with a small pot

How to Plant Tulsi :

There are two ways to grow the plant; we will know how to grow a plant from seeds in this post.

First of all, you have to buy seeds, which are easily available at the plant shop. You have to take fertile soil, mix fertilizer(use bhowmik fertilizer), or coco peat with soil. Now, mix the soil and fertilizer properly. After that, you have to put this soil in the flower pot till the pot is half full.

After stuffing half the flowerpot, you have to add basil seeds to this pot and add a little bit of soil, and then you have to pour some water into this plant. After all this, you have to keep this plant in the sunlight for up to 4 hours.

Tulsi with flowers

Tips/Care to Grow Tulsi Plant Fast: Now we will know how to care for the basil plant so that this plant will grow fast.

  • Watering: Do not add too much water to the plant so that the soil is not dry
  • Temperature: Temperature is the most important to growing this plant. You should keep this plant in the morning in the summer season and keep this plant in the sun for 6 to 8 hours during the winter season.
  • Pest and Disease: This plant gets many types of insects like mealy bugs, aphids, and more. So do not forget to sprinkle the medicine.
  • You have to need to fertilize this plant every month.
  • Before planting, you need to check soil type (recommended acidic or sea soil)
  • Pruning: You need to prune this plant after growing 3 feet plant.

Medicinal uses of Tulsi Plant: Many medicines are made from these leaves and also for treatment and home remedies.

  • Tulsi ka Kadai (home remedy)
  • Tulsi for weight loss (home remedy)
  • Reduce  the body inflammation
  • Treats Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Reduce Blood sugar
  • Reduce stress (home remedy)

Types of Tulsi :

  1. Rama Tulsi: These types of tulsi have green leaves and light purple flowers with fragrance; Rama tulsi is also called green leaves tulsi.
  2. Vana Tulsi: Vana tulsi are appearance in more bright green colour, and it is easily available in wild places and many areas; it has a lemon flavour. Vana tulsi is also called wild leaf tulsi
  3. Krishna Tulsi: These types of tulsi look purple, i.e. leaves and flowers appear purple, and Vana tulsi is also called Shyama Tulsi.
Tulsi Plant
Small Tulsi Plant

Importance of Tulsi in Hinduism: Tulsi plant has been prayed since the beginning; hence this plant is considered a sacred plant, and this plant is in the category of sacred plants. In the Hindu religion, it is trusted that water should not be given to Ekadashi, lunar eclipse, and Sunday in Tulsi plant because people considered Tulsi Devi as a great worshiper of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi leaf did not wilt on this day.

Flowering Time: Flowers are perennial on this plant; if this plant is taken care of correctly and if you have sown your seed, then it takes at least six months for the flowers to come.

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tulsi plant

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