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Orchid: Simple Way for Plantation with Care

Orchid: Simple Way for Plantation with Care

In this post, we will know Orchid flowering plant

  • About orchid plant
  • How to plant at home
  • Varieties of orchid
  • Best tips for care
  • Benefits

About Orchid Plants: Orchid is the most popular flowering plant, or it is the biggest plant in the Asteraceae family. The scientific name is Orchidaceae, and it comes with the Orchidaceae, Juss family. The Orchidaceae family has 2500+ species, or verities are available worldwide. Most of the orchids are tropical and subtropical. Common verities of orchids are Brassavola, Cattleya, Cymbidium, Encyclia, Ludisia, Miltonia, Vanda, Vanilla, Oncidium, and Masdevallia. These verities are easily available in local nurseries or online stores.

How to Plant Orchids at Home & Garden: We have three methods to plant orchids at home. Three methods like using seeds, cuttings, and grafting plants. Two methods are simple and reliable, using cutting and grafted plants. Using grafted plant cutting methods, one of the best methods takes lots of time to germinate new leaves/shoots.

Orchid seeds are not easily available in local nurseries, but you can buy them from online stores. This post will know about only the cutting and grafted methods.

Best Location: GardenOnTop, say, place the plants in a bedroom or hall.

Prepare a Soil Potting with Planting: To make a soil potting, take coco chips (30%), charcoal (30%), bricks pieces (small 10 to 15), and tree bark (40%). Coco chips are the outer part of dry coconut (while removing the husk). Choose a container with good drainage holes. Mix it well.

Planting Grafted Plants

  • Fill the soil mixture into the flowerpot.
  • Take out the grafted orchid plants and cover the rooting system with the same soil mixture.
  • Give water properly and place the flowerpot in a semi-shaded location.
  • Within 6 to 8 days, new leaves and roots begin from the grafted plants.

Cutting Method: Take out the mature size of a grafted plant (size should be 1 to 2 feet tall). Cut out the stalk (thick) part of the plant with the size of 4 to 5 inches long. While cutting, make the 45° of angle. Use the grafted plantation methods with the same soil potting. Within 10 to 15 days, new shoots appear from the cutting.

Remember while Soil Mixing: USDA hardiness zone should be 6-10, and soil mixture should be slightly similar to small stones. In a flowerpot, make sure drainage holes are available or not. If there are no holes at the surface and side of the pot’s walls, then make 5 to 9 holes (Drainage holes are necessary) at the bottom and 3 to 4 square holes at the sides of the wall. Use a large ceramic flowerpot.

Gallery of Orchids

Best Caring Tips

  • Watering: The best way for watering, take out a large container and keep the flowerpot in that container. Fill the half container with water. During the winter season, give water only once a week and twice a week in the summer season.
  • Temperature: Keep the orchids in semi-shaded locations or indoor locations. Always give morning sunlight (at least 2 to 3 hours). For best growth, maintain the temperature between 10°C to 20°C. 
  • Best Compost for Flowering: Before the flowering season, compost is necessary. Banana peel fertilizer is the best fertilizer for orchid plants.
  • Pests & Diseases: If any types of insects (snails, slugs, mealybugs) and diseases (root fungus, powdery mildew) attack the plants, then don’t forget to spray medicine on the plants. For diseases, use pesticide powder.
  • Pruning: Any baby/small plants that appear near the root system, then remove them and transplant them into the other pot.

Flowering Season: Within 3 to 5 months, flowers start blooming on the plant, and these flowers are different in colours like blue, white, purple, dark yellow, pink with red shade, dark red, pink, etc. Flower colours depend on the orchid verities, and flowers are soft and look beautiful and attractive.

Benefits of Orchid: There are lots of benefits of plants, but we are showing only the Top 4 benefits.

  • Most of the time, flowers are helpful to decorate the home, at weddings, and at other parties.
  • Improve air quality and give fresh air.
  • Flowers give a fragrant smell, so most of the parts of orchids are used to make perfume, air fresheners…etc.
  • Improves skin and eyesight health.

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