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Simple Method to Grow Almond Plants at Home

Simple Method to Grow Almond Plants at Home

In the post, we will know all about Almond Tree

  • Simple method to grow at home
  • Best care tips
  • Bloom time
  • Top 5 benefits

Simple Method to Grow Almonds: To grow the almond plants at home, first of all, soak the almond in water for 10 to 15 hours. Take a small square flower pot (size 6 inches) and fill the cocopeat. Take out the soaked almonds and pour these almonds in the cocopeat (always deep 2 to 3 inches max and a thick part of the almond should be inside the soil). After all, this gives 1 inches layer of cocopeat above the almonds. The distance between the almonds should be 1 inch before germination and keeps the flower pot in the indoor area or shaded area.

While planting: The almond plant multiplies in warm/hot areas, and the USDA hardiness zone would be 5-9. Soil pH should be 6 to 8. So check the weather where you are living in. The best time to plant almonds is in early summer.

After 7 to 8 days, germination starts from the almonds ( germination grows to 1 to 2 inches), and small green branches appear from almonds. Out of 10 almonds, 5, 6 almonds sprout, so always get more almonds in the cocopeat. After germination, we need to transplant every plant into another flower pot.

Repot Almond Plants: While transplanting a plant, we need to prepare the soil. To schedule a soil mixture, take well-drained garden soil (50%), cocopeat (30%), and vermicompost(20%).  Mix it well and remove all the rock crystal and pebble stones. Take a 10-inch clay pot and make 5,6 small holes on the bottom of the pot(drainage hole). A drainage hole is necessary for the flower pot because water does not collect in the bottom, and the soil does not rot.

Now fill the soil mixture(70%) in the clay pot and take out the sprout almonds. Place the almonds inside the soil(2 to 3 inches deep). The sprout part should be on top and pour the remaining soil into the clay pot, and the sprouting part should be visible—place the pot in full sunlight.

Almond plants very gradually grow, so be patient.  After 30 to 40 days plant grows up to 2 to 3 inches.  Almond plants grow 1 to 2 feet in 180 to 200 days. When plants grow from 4 to 5 feet, we need to plant them permanently (where the sunlight is good). In a growing season, plants grow up to 15 to 20 inches annually.

Best Care Tips

How to water: Before germination, does not give water until the cocopeat does not dry. If the cocopeat has dried, give some water to it. Do not pour water directly; use a water pot to provide water. After repotting plants and before watering, check moisture in the soil. These plants need moderate moisture in the soil. In the winter season, give water after 3 to 4 days and summer season, give water properly after 1 to 2 days. Always use a water pot for watering.

Best Fertilizer: Always use the best fertilizer for almond plants. NPK 12-12-12 is the best fertilizer to produce the best result. If you want to best result in bloom, give fertilizer after 30 to 40 days or before the growing season, and after fertilization, give water correctly.

Maintain Temperature: Best temperature gives the best result. Always keep plants in a place where there is good sunlight. In the summer season, give at least 6 to 7 hours of sunlight, and in the winter season, always keep in sunlight, or you can maintain the temperature between 20°C to 35°C. When transplanting the plant, check if the sunlight comes well.

Bloom Time: The almond tree starts blooming in the spring season and two types of flowers bloom in the Almond Tree.

Top 5 Benefits of almonds: There are loads of benefits such as :

  1. Almonds are high in protein, fibre, and nutrients.
  2. Almonds control blood sugar.
  3. Improve eyesight and brainpower.
  4. Improve hair growth.
  5. Improve cholesterol level.

Almond contains fibre (3.6 grams), proteins (6 grams), fat (14 grams) and vitamin E, magnesium, and much more.

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