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Amazing 5 Facts About Oak Tree | Verities | Benefits

Amazing 5 Facts About Oak Tree | Verities | Benefits

In the post, we will know about Oak Tree and their Varieties:

  • About oak tree
  • Common verities of the oak tree
  • 5 Facts about the oak tree
  • Benefits
  • Is any side effects of an oak tree

About Oak Tree: Oak Tree is hardly seen, but wherever you have seen this tree, you must have seen it big. Oaktree is one of the giant trees globally, and it is one of the oldest trees. This tree was also available 65 million years ago. At least 500 species of this tree are available, and there are many varieties of this tree—Oaktree sprouts in the summer season.

The oak tree is also worshipped at many places; hence this tree is also considered a sacred tree. The scientific name of the oak tree is Quercus, and it belongs to the beech family.

If you want to plant this tree, then place such a place where space is more available because this tree grows more over time. And if we talk about its height, this tree grows up to 45 meters and spreads more. The largest species of this tree is available in China.

Oak trees live up to 100 to 200 years and more.

Common Verities of Oak Trees:

Although there are many varieties of this tree, it is select varieties among them.

  • Japanese evergreen oak:  Japanese Evergreen Oaktree is the smallest tree, and this tree grows from 15 to 25 feet; its leaves are dark green, and the size of the leaves grows up to 4 to 5 inches. This tree overgrows in Riverside place.
  • White Oak: The white oak tree is a very slow-growing tree; this tree grows at least 2 feet in 5 to 6 years, so if you want to plant this tree, then plant it in a permanent place. The leaves of this tree are round in shape with a zig-zag margin. Prune this tree in the winter season!
  • Pin Oak: The pin oak tree is a straight-growing tree, and its height grows up to 50 to 75 feet and spreads up to 20 to 25 feet. The leaves of this tree are dark green(hedral shape). It gives you a fantastic shade, but you need to remove unwanted branches from the downward side and pin oak trees live up to 100 to 150-year or more.
  • Bur Oak: Bur Oak trees grow early in most winters, and the tree grows at least 50 feet to 80 feet in length. The leaves of this tree grow at least 4 to 5 inches, and its leaves look like English Oak trees. English oak is a variety of oak trees.

5 Facts of Oak Tree :

  • One Oaktree gives at least 8M to 10M acorns(fruits).
  • The giant oak tree is in Mandeville, Lucienica.
  • Vikings make their ships and boats with oak trees.
  • Oaktree lives up to 1000 years or more.
  • Oak Tree has been seen even before 60M years ago.

What are the Benefits :

  • In many places, this tree is helpful to improve air quality.
  • Oaktree bark is also helpful to cure many diseases.
  • Oaktree wood helps make Home furniture and household parts.
  • It is also helpful for making bracelets and bangles.
  • It is also beneficial for making pet homes.
  • Woods of the oak tree is also beneficial for making a guitar, drum, flute, etc.

Is Any Side Effects of Oak Tree :

There are side effects of everything, in the same way, some oak trees also have medical side effects like :

  • Don’t use oak bark  in pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Don’t use oak bark in cardiac patients.
  • Don’t use oak bark for skin problems.
  • Don’t take oak bark in kidney & liver problems

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