How To Cultivate Potatoes And Tomatoes At Home

How To Cultivate Potatoes And Tomatoes At Home

Welcome to In today’s post, we will know how potatoes and tomatoes are cultivated.

How to Cultivate Potatoes :

If you are thinking of growing potatoes in a pot, you plant them in a big pot. To cultivate potatoes, you need sprout potatoes and fertile soil, compost, and a place for growing. You can also use sand soil. If you are thinking of growing potatoes in a pot, you plant them in a big pot.

How to get Sprout potatoes: Keep the potato in such a place for 10 to 15 days, where there is not much sunlight. Then, put a cloth on the potato. Potatoes sprout quickly by pouring cloth over the potato.

Now you mix cocopeat or cow dung in sand soil or fertile soil. If you grow a 20-inch flowerpot, then fill it with 70% soil, and you have to mix only 20% cow dung. Now cut the sprouted potatoes from where the potatoes are sprouting, and a potato at least 7 to 8 place sprout.

Now make the hole by 2 inches in the flower pot(removing soil). After that, keep the sliced potatoes in that hole and put 1-inch soil on top. Now keep this pot in the sunlight.

After 5 to 6 days, these potatoes will start growing, and small leaves will appear. Within one month, these sprouted potatoes will grow up to 1 ft. You can produce at least 7 to 6 sprouted potatoes in a 20-inch pot.

Remember that you do not have to give water to the pot now. Give water after 3 days.

Best Fertilizer : Cow dung, Coco peat, and organic fertilizer.

Temperature & Season: you can grow potatoes in any season. Always give sunlight for at least 8 hours. In the winter season always keep in sunlight.

How to Cultivate Tomatoes:

Tomato Cultivation is very easy and you can cultivate it at home too. Tomatoes grow easily in pots and many people do this.

To grow tomatoes we need tomato seeds, That we will cut tomato and out its seeds easily.

Make a Soil: To grow tomato seeds, take gardening soil and dry cow dung or coco peat can also be used, now mix the soil and cow dung properly.

Now make small holes in the pot on the bottom so that the water does not gather, Now put small stones in the pot as shown in the photo. Now fill this pot with 70% of soil. Pour the seeds extracted from the tomato on top of this soil and always remember that seeds do not overlap and put the soil to half an inch on seeds.

After all, these things give some water and keep this pot in the sunlight. Its seeds will start growing after 7 to 4 days and after 1 month, flowers will start growing on it. after 2 months, small tomatoes start appearing on this plant. as shown in the photo.

How to Care Plants:

  • Watering: Do not give much water; always remember the soil is well-drained. In the summer season, give water at once a day.
  • Temperature: Give this plant at least 7 to 6 hours of sunlight and leave it in the sunlight during the winter season. Due to sunlight, these plants grow fast.
  • Best Fertilizer: Always use the best fertilizer like coco-peat, cow dung, neem Khal, and more. Tomato plants must be fertilized once in 10 days(click here to buy coco-peat, and cow dung).
  • Pruning: Pruning is the best way to grow a plant, so when this plant grows up to one foot, then prune this plant; you can prune dried leaves, unwanted or dry branches, from this plant.

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