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Amazing 5 Caring Tips For Anemone & Bloom Time

Amazing 5 Caring Tips For Anemone & Bloom Time

In the post, we will know all about Anemone Flower Plant

  • About anemone plant
  • How to plant its seeds
  • Top 5 caring tips
  • Side effects
  • Bloom Time

About Anemone Plant: Anemone is a perennials flowering plant and anemone plant is from the Ranunculaceae family, and scientific name is Anemonastrum. It has 60+ species worldwide. If you want to make your garden beautiful and eye-catchy, these anemone flower plants should be planted.

Different types of flowers bloom on this type of plant, such as red, blue, pink, white, and much more, and this flower looks very beautiful and gives a fragrant fragrance.

The height of an anemone plant grows from 3 feet to 4 feet and spreads 1-foot max. The leaves of this plant are dark green in colour and midrib, and veins are also dark green. The margin of these leaves is looking zig-zag cutting (as shown in the photo). These leaves grow up to 2 inches to 4 inches, depending on the variety.  

How to Plant its Bulbs :

If you want to plant anemone bulbs at home, you can buy its bulbs online and nursery. Keep these bulbs in water for 4 to 5 hours. To plant anemone bulbs, take at least an 8-inch flowerpot. Make the soil to plant these bulbs.

To make the soil, Take vermicompost(30%), well drain garden soil(40%), cocopeat(20%) and bone meal(10%). Bone Meal is necessary for the growth of flower plants.

Now mix it well and pour this soil into the pot. Fill the pot with 70% of soil. After that, remove the soaked bulbs, and put these bulbs by piercing 4 or 5 inches in the soil, then put 30% soil on these bulbs. Keep three bulbs in an 8-inch flower pot, and the distance between each bulb must be up to 2 inches. After all, give water to this pot and keep this pot in sunlight.

Flowerpot and Drainage Hole: Before potting soil in the pot (size of the pot should be 8 inches or more), check whether there is a drainage hole in the pot; the drainage hole is necessary to plant seeds or bulbs.

If there is no drainage hole in the pot, make a hole and keep a small stone above the shole; by doing this, the water does not accumulate in the soil, and the root/soil rot gets saved from rotting you have shown in the picture.

Top 5 Caring Tips :

  • Watering: Do not give too much water to anemone bulbs and check the moisture in the soil while giving water. Give water only if the soil is dry up. Its soil dries fast in the summer season, and then you can give water to this plant after 2 or 3 days. Overwatering is harmful to Anemone plants. Always save from heavy rain and emphatic sunlight (above 40°C).
  • Temperature: If you have sown its bulbs, keep it within 20°C, and when these bulbs start sprouting, you can keep its flower pot in direct sunlight or partial shade. The Best temperature for growing an anemone plant is ten °C to 15°C.
  • Best Fertilizer: This plant does not require too much fertilizer, yet if you want to fertilize the plant, you can pour Bone Meal after 2 or 3.
  • Pests & Diseases: Many types of insects attack this plant, such as aphids, Japanese beetles, beetles, snails, so do not forget to spray medicine on these plants and always read the instruction of medicine before spraying.
  • Pruning: Don’t prune anemone plants until the plant grows up to 3 feet or more. After that, if you see faded leaves, dry branches, overlappedping branches, and faded flowers on this plant, don’t forget to prune. Pruning is best before the growing season (after February and March).

Side Effects: Every part of the anemone plant is poisonous, so keep away from dogs, cats, animals, and children.

Bloom Time: If anemone bulbs show early in the winter, germination takes 15 days. And these bulbs start blooming after 3, or 4 months of germination. The flower colour (white, pink, blue, red,etc.)depends on the variety of the plants.

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