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How to Care Marigold Plants in Any Season

How to Care Marigold Plants in Any Season

Marigold Flower

In the post, we will know some such facts about marigolds which we don’t know and caring tips. So read carefully…

You have all seen the marigold plant, but do you know how this plant is grown? If you do not know, then you will learn all this. The marigold plant was the first time seen in Egypt and roman; after that, it was seen in Britain and after a few years in many countries.

The marigold plant is an evergreen plant seen in many houses and gardens.
This plant is of many varieties, and it proliferates after planting, his plant grows from 6 inches to 4 feet, and there are many varieties of this plant that grow up to 2 feet. This plant is the favourite plant of many people, and it is possible to see this plant in their homes.

Remember: Because the plant has certain things come good fragrance of its flowers like and variously use the flowers.

How to Plant: So now let’s talk about the propagation.

  • Plantation using Seed: This plant is also grown from Seed, and you can also bring its plant, so we will know how the plant is grown from Seed.
  • Plantation using Plant (Repot): Now, let’s talk about how to report the plant

Grange using Seed:

  • You have to use loam fertilizer after bringing this Seed.
  • You have to mix this soil with compost and put it in a big pot.
  • After that, you have to mix it with earth on the Seed of this plant and mix it slowly.
  • After all this, you have to keep this flowerpot on the roof.

Plantation using plant: This plant is readily available in-plant shops, and the price is between 100 to 200 rupees. Mix fertilizer with soil before planting this plant because the plant proliferates by adding fertilizer. When fertilizer is mixed well in the ground, you have to put this soil in the pot, and when the flowerpot is half full, you have to put this plant in the flowerpot, and after that, the ground has to keep till the pot becomes 20% empty. Then you put this plant on the roof or where the sunlight is good.

Note: You do not have to take much water with the soil, just keep the soil moist and the roots of this plant should not be broken while planting the plant.

Verities of Marigold: There are at least 50 species of this plant, some of them are this species.

  • African/Mexican Marigolds: This plant is most commonly seen in Mexico and Central America. The African or Mexican marigold plant is 4 to 5 feet long and straight in appearance, and the flowers are enormous, and the flowers are yellow and the flowering time is of spring, and this type of plant is kept in the sun to Proliferate.
  • French Marigolds: This variety is small in appearance, they are about 4 inches to 2 feet in length, and the plant spreads up to 12 inches. This type of plant needs more sunlight, and the flowers are yellow coloured, and some red-orange has seen in the middle this flower comes in the spring season as shown in the photo.
  • Signet Marigolds: This variety multiplies in the summer season, and this plant grows from 8 inches to 15 inches and spreads up to 12 inches. In this plant, flowers come in the entire summer, and these flowers are orange in colour, and the plant is under sunlight.

How to Care for Marigold Plants: Now let’s talk about how to take care of this type of plant so that it starts growing quickly.

  • Watering: You do not need to give much water to this plant; provide only that much water so that the soil does not dry.
  • You must keep this plant in full sunlight.
  • Remember that the sunlight is scorching in the summer season, so you do not have to keep it in the sunlight for 2 to 4 hours.
  • Do not prune these plants.
  • These plants get many types of insects like spider mites, mealybugs, and aphids, So, don’t forget to sprinkle medicine. you do not have to water the plant until the insects are gone
  • You have to add compost to this plant every month.

Do it regularly, then your marigold plant will grow swiftly and it will start to bloom quickly within 4 to 6 weeks.

Benefits: These Plants are used in remedial treatment and other places, such as

  • Cancer
  • Body toxin
  • Menstrual pain
  • Marigold leaves are used in curing skin allergies
  • It also treats ingrown hairs.
  • In many places, its flowers are also used in Puja recitation

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