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Awesome new trick to plant Bougainvillea with caring

Awesome new trick to plant Bougainvillea with caring

Welcome to GardenOnTop.com. All About Bougainvillea plants white and pink, you should try this thing to grow Bougainvillea plant

Now we will discuss all Bougainvillea plants

Bougainvillaea is an evergreen plant, and you can find it in many gardens and offices; the plant of Bougainvillea is an ordinary pant in eastern South America, Brazil to the west, Peru and south to the south, and this plant is found in many varieties such as red yellow white orange-pink.

What does Bougainvillea look like:-

This plant looks like a shrub and has a length of 20 to 30 feet, and it has many varieties. If this plant is pink, it will produce pink flowers with thorns. As shown in the above photo, a little white line is seen in the roots of this plant.

Types of Bougainvillea Plant:-

  • A month or purple queen (Bloom colour: Purple bracts with deep green foliage).
  • Barbara karst (Bloom colour: Magenta).
  • Orange king (Bloom colour: Bronze orange).
  • James Walker (Bloom colour: Reddish-purple).
  • Bengal orange (Bloom colour: Orange-pink bracts with green and white foliage).
  • Rosenka (Bloom colour: Gold to pink).
  • Singapore white (Bloom colour: White needs high humidity climates).
  • Imperial delight (Bloom colour: Pink and white with the time of summer need full sunlight).

Plantation of Bougainvillea :

So now let’s talk about how to grow this plant; if you plant it in the summer season, then it is good because the sunlight is good at that time, and this plant grows fast in the sunlight.

The first way you have is to get its seeds or find this plant easily at the plant shop, and you will get this plant between 100 and 200 rupees.

So you have to plant this plant in big pots because its roots are very long when this plant starts growing; next, you have to take fertile soil, or you have to mix fertilizer with soil and mix well. after that you have to put this soil in the pot until the pot is half full. After filling half, you have to keep the plant of Bougainvillea, and after that, you have to put soil again.

Remember: The flowerpot should be slightly empty from the soil, when the plant is planted, it has to be given water after four to five hours.

Caution: Remember that when you plant, its roots should not be broken.

Flowering Time: Now, let’s talk about when flowers come to this plant. Within six months, the flowers start growing, and these flowers are small, and many flowers come out from the same branches. If you have planted orange Bougainvillea, the orange flowers will grow, and if you have produced a white plant, the white flowers will come. As shown in the photo below.

Any Side Effect: This plant has thorns and is very edgy, so keep children and small animals away.

Poisonous: This plant contains toxic substances, so be careful that animals do not eat its leaves and keep children away.

Benefits: If you have a large roof and you are thinking of gardening, then you can plant this plant because it grows faster in a very working time and the fragrance is also suitable for its flowers, and In many places, In puja, we can use flower, then you will not need to go anywhere.

How to care: Care of the Bougainvillea plant so that this plant grows quickly

  • You have to keep this plant in front of sunlight for at least 8 hours.
  • This plant absorbs water quickly, so if you plant it in the summer season, you have to give water once a day, and providing more water will spoil its roots, so give water to this plant only so that the moisture in the soil remains.
  • When this plant starts to bloom in large quantities, do not forget to prune them.
  • Diseases and Pests: Sometimes, this plant gets many types of insects like aphids, leaf miners, scales, snails & slugs, spider mites, and whitefly, so you must sprinkle medicine to kill it. These insects eat the twig, and the leaves appear cut off as seen in the photo.
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