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Freesia – How to Plant its Bulbs in Flowerpot

Freesia – How to Plant its Bulbs in Flowerpot

In this post, we will know about the Freesia Flower plant

  • About freesia plant
  • How to plant its bulbs
  • Top 5 caring tips
  • Benefits of plant
  • Bloom Time

About Freesia Plant: Freesia is an indoor flowering plant, and this plant is planted in the winter season. After this plant grows up to 2 feet, you can place it outdoor. There are many varieties of Freesia plants, and many types of flowers bloom on this plant, such as red, yellow, white, blue, and pink. These flowers look very beautiful and attractive.

The scientific name of Freesia is Freesia, and it belongs to the Iridaceae family. The Freesia plant was first represented in 1886 by Christian Friedrich Echelon.

The leaves of this plant are canonical in shape (green), and these leaves grow up to 5 to 12 inches long. These leaves spread up to 2 cm. The flowers are cup-shaped, and 5 to 6 flowers bloom on every branch of this plant.

The size of these flowers grows up to 2 to 3 inches. Flower colour depends on freesia verity, like some verity give double flower in the same ovary and every flower has 5 to 6 petals in a single layer as you have shown in the figure. 

How to Plant its Bulbs :

You can buy Freesia bulbs online or from the plant store. When you buy bulbs, buy big bulbs; if you purchase small bulbs, there are few chances of flowers on the plant. Freesia is a winter flowering plant, and if you want to plant, October or November is the best time to plant it.

How to make the soil potting: To make soil, you should need garden soil(40%), vermicompost(30%), cow dung(20%), and bone meal(10%) and mix it well. plant it in small flower pots (8 inches) because this flower looks beautiful when flowers start blooming on it. (buy 8 inches flower pot)

Every flower pot plant only 5 to 6 bulbs only.

Now pour 70% soil in the pot, make a 1-inch hole, and plant a freesia bulb(keep the thick part of the Freesia bulb down in the soil). After that, pour 30% of the soil into the flower pot. After all, this, fill the flower pot with water and place the flower pot in a shaded place. While planting the plant in the pot, check whether the pot has a drainage hole in the flower pot.

These bulbs start growing after 15 days, and after 30 days, these bulbs grow up to 2 inches to 4 inches. Sometimes it takes more time because some freesia bulbs take more time to grow.

Top 5 Caring Tips :

  • Watering: When you sow the seeds of Frisia, add more water to it until the flowerpot is full. After that, put this pot indoors. When this plant grows to 2 feet, then you can add water after 2 to 3 days. Check moisture in the soil before giving water and Always keep moisture in the soil to grow this plant.
  • Temperature: Freesia is an indoor plant, so keep it in a place where shade is more and do not keep it in the direct sunlight. (15°C to 20°C)
  • Best Fertilizer:  If we talk about good fertilizer, then only give liquid fertilizer to the plant of Freesia, like NPK 19-19-19 fertilizer. To make NPK 19-19-19 fertilizer at home, take two teaspoons of npk fertilizer in half a litre of water, take Epsom salt, and mix it well. Always pour fertilizer from the side of the flower pot. Add compost to this plant every month(morning is the best time to give fertilizer).
  • Weight Management:  When the flowers start blooming on the Freesia plant, this plant tilts to one side; in such a situation, you can tie a plant with the help of footstalk so that this plant stops bending.
  • Pruning: If you want to prune this plant, then you can cut dry leaves, dry branches, and fade flowers from this plant. If there is any baby plant around the mature Freesia plant, then it must be supplanted and planted in another pot.

Benefits of Plant: There are many types of flowers on the Freesia plant (depends on verification), and these flowers are used a lot in wedding parties and Bouquet. This flower is also helpful to make perfume, and Freesia is also beneficial in aromatherapy as a stress relief.

  • Freesia is also used to make shampoos and hand cream (due to its glamorous scent).

Bloom Time: Freesia is a winter flowering plant; if you plant its bulbs in October or November, it starts giving flowers in February or March, which are very beautiful.

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      Best view i have ever seen !

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