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Hyacinth – How to Plant its Bulbs in Flowerpot

Hyacinth – How to Plant its Bulbs in Flowerpot

In this post, we will know about Hyacinth Flower plant

  • About hyacinth plant
  • How to plant its bulbs
  • Top 5 caring tips
  • Benefits of plant
  • Bloom Time

About Hyacinth Plant: Hyacinth is a winter flowering plant, and many people plant it in the winter season. Hyacinth plant grows fast in indoor locations. There are many common varieties of hyacinths like a yellow queen, Woodstock, gipsy queen, blue jacket, and city of Harlem.

If you want to make your garden beautiful and attractive, you should plant this hyacinth.

The scientific name of hyacinth is Hyacinthus, and it belongs to the Asparagaceae family. Hyacinth is a small genus of flowering plants whose height grows up to 1 foot, and its leaves are green(tall).

These leaves grow up to 1 foot to 1.5 feet. Flowers of this look like a flake. 20 to 25 flowers bloom on each branch. Every flower has 5 to 6 petals, and petal colour depends on verity like blue, purple, white, and more.

How to Plant its Bulbs :

There are two ways to grow a hyacinth bulb: grow these bulbs in water and soil. In this post, we will know both ways.

You can buy Hyacinth Bulbs online or at plant shops. Always buy big bulbs because small bulbs take more time to germinate, and sometimes these tiny bulbs do not germinate, and after some time, these bulbs are decomposed.

Best Season : October or November

How to grow bulb in a soil : To grow the bulb in the soil, you first need to make the soil.

To make soil, you can take garden soils(40% well drain), vermicompost(30%), river soil(20%), and bone meal(10%). Now mix them all well. To plant a Hyacinth bulb, take at least an 8-inch flower pot and plant only two bulbs in one pot.

Check drainage hole in the flower pot. Now fill the pot with 70% soil. To plant the hyacinth bulb in the soil, make a hole in the soil up to 7 to 8 inches and keep these bulbs in the soil (Its bulbs look like an onion shape in appearance, so keep the thick part of these bulbs on the soil). After that, fill the 30% of soil in a flowerpot.

Now fill the pot with water. Initially, hyacinth bulbs need more water to germinate. Now keep the flower pot in a place where it is in direct sun or a partial shade. After 10 to 15 days, these bulbs will start to sprout; then, you can place this pot on the terrace or balcony.

How to grow bulbs in water: Many people also germinate hyacinth bulbs in the water, and when these bulbs start growing, they look wonderful.

To grow bulbs in the water, take a glass jar as shown in the photo.

Top 5 Caring Tips :

  • Watering:  When you sow its bulbs, give more water initially. After germinating these bulbs, you can give them water after 2 or 3 days. These bulbs need healthy moisture in the soil.
  • Temperature: Hyacinth is a winter flowering plant, and it grows fast in a shaded place. Keep the hyacinth plant in the morning sunlight for 4, or 5 hours during the cold season; after that, keep it in a place where the shade is well. (15°C to 20°C)
  • Best Fertilizer: Vermicompost is the best fertilizer to grow its bulb. Add fertilizer to this plant after 30 days and after fertilizing, give water to it. Vermicompost is easily available in local nurseries.
  • Remember: Do not place this plant in the rain and do not keep it in more sunlight.
  • Pruning: if you want to prune this flowering plant, you can cut the dry leaves and dry branches or overlapping branches and cut the faded flowers in the plants. Suppose this plant grows up to 1.5 feet more than any other bulbs growing near the mature hyacinth plant. If there are any bulbs that germinate to plant, plant in another flower pot.

Benefits of plant: You can plant hyacinth flower plants in the bedroom or hall and because the flowers give a pleasant fragrance. Fragrance smell reduces stress level.

  • Seeds are used as medicine.
  • Its flowers are widely used to decorate a wedding party or decorate a home.
  • Water hyacinths are helpful to making paper and textiles.
  • Hyacinth beans are helpful to control cholesterol levels in the body
  • Most people take hyacinth beans to prevent pregnancy.

Side Effects: Hyacinth bulbs are poisonous, so keep away from children and animals because their bulbs contain oxalic acid.

Bloom Time: If you sow its bulbs in October or November, it starts blooming in February or March. Hyacinth flowers bloom only once in a season; if you want flowers again, then uproot its bulbs and put them in another pot, And plant as you did in the beginning.

There are many varieties of this plant, and many types of flowers bloom like blue, white, purple, red, and depending on the variety which hyacinth plant you have planted.

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