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Chrysanthemum – Amazing Tips for Growing | Caring Tips

Chrysanthemum – Amazing Tips for Growing | Caring Tips

In this post, we will know all about winter flowering plants i.e. Chrysanthemum

  • About chrysanthemum
  • Plantation using cutting
  • Best tips for care
  • Bloom time

About Chrysanthemum Plants: Chrysanthemum is a winter-flowering plant, and many people plant this plant in early winter. Chrysanthemum plant starts growing in winter or indoor location; you can also plant this Chrysanthemum in the bedroom or hall using plant cuttings.

There are many varieties of this plant, and many types of flowers bloom on this plant, such as white, yellow, orange lavender, purple, and red, and these flowers give pleasant fragrances.

  • Chrysanthemum plants reduce indoor air pollution.
  • The Scientific name of Chrysanthemum is Chrysanthemum, and it belongs to the Asteraceae family, or sometimes it is called mums.

The height of these plants grows up to 2 feet to 3 feet or depends on verity. The leaves of this plant are appearance in green, and the size of these leaves grows up to 3 inches.

How to Plant Its Cutting

To plant a chrysanthemum by cutting, you have to cut a branch of the mature Chrysanthemum with a thick stem. After that, you have to make soil or take one flower pot, i.e. 8 inches or more.

Always check the drainage hole in the flower pot. If there is no drainage hole, then by making holes in the flower pot, water does not collect in the soil, and the plant’s root will not be spoiled.

How to make soil: you have to need garden soil(50%), coco-peat(25%), cow dung(25%), or 1 cup of sand. After that, mix it well. Now pour 70% of the soil into the 8-inch flowerpot. Now make holes in the soil by 2 to 3 inches; after that, plant the cutting of this plant in the soil. Now pour the soil around the cutting plant and push the soil with your hands. After all, add water to this pot and keep this pot in the shade places. After 15 days, roots germinate from the pot.

The quantity of soil mixture depends on container size.

Top 5 Caring Tips :

  • Watering: When you plant the cuttings of this plant, fill its pot with water. When the roots of this cutting plant start appearing, then give water after 2, 3 days. This plant requires more moisture in the soil, so give water before the soil dries.
  • Temperature: When you sow cuttings or seeds of this plant, initially keep it indoors until the roots start to appear. After 15 days, the root of this plant starts growing, so you can place it outdoor or in full sunlight. Always give morning sunlight to this plant. (10°C to 20°C)
  • Best Fertilizer: Mustard cake liquid manure is the best fertilizer for this plant. Always give fertilizer after 20 to 25 days.
  • Pests & Diseases: Many insects attack this plant, such as aphids, caterpillars, plant bugs, spider mites, and more. To kill these insects, sprinkle the medicine on the plant, and you can spray neem oil to kill these insects.
  • Pruning: By pruning the plant, the plant starts growing fastly; if you want to prune this plant, then you can cut dry or fade leaves, dry branches, and faded flowers from this plant.

How to make mustard cake liquid fertilizer:  keep the mustard cake in water for 15 to 20 days and after 20 days, mix it in water and then fertilize the plant.

You can also make this fertilizer: 2kg neem cake, 1kg bone meal, 200gm npk (All quantity depends on your plants). Mix it well. Now pour it into the plant.

Bloom Time: This is a winter flowering plant; if you plant this Chrysanthemum in October or November, the flowers start blooming in March or April. Flowers bloom only once on this plant; if you want flowers on this plant, supplant it again.

There are many types of this plant, and the flower also blooms in the same variety as the plant you have sown. Flower colours are white, yellow, orange, lavender, purple, red and more.

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