Jackfruit – Try This Method to Get More Fruits

Jackfruit – Try This Method to Get More Fruits

In the post, we will know how get more fruits in Jackfruit Tree

  • About Jackfruit
  • How to cultivate its seeds
  • Best season for plantation
  • Best Fertilizer
  • Best tips for care

About Jackfruit Tree: Jackfruit is a vegetable or exotic fruit used throughout the world, and jackfruit is cultivated in Assam in India. The fruit jackfruit is larger than the average fruit. One jackfruit’s weight is at least 3 kg to 50 kg, or overtime this weight is growing.   

  • The scientific name of jackfruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus and it belongs to the Moraceae family.
  • Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
  • It gives the largest fruit of all trees.

The leaves of these plants are green in appearance, and veins and midribs are white in colour. As you showed in the figure, the lamina of these leaves is dark green, and the petiole is also dark green. Two Types of flowers bloom on jackfruit trees, one male and the other is female. The colour of the male flower is greenish, and the female flower colour is small yellowish. This flower grows up to 2 cm to 3 cm long.

How to Cultivate its Seeds :

If you want to grow its seeds, first take them out from the ripe jackfruit and remove the big seeds. We use fertilizer for 10 to 15 days to produce these seeds, like cocopeat.

Before planting & How to keep seeds in fertilizer: Now fill the cocopeat in a small flower pot (at least 3 inches), and pour these seeds in the cocopeat by making a 1-inch hole in the cocopeat; spray the cocopeat above the seeds and give some water. Now keep this pot in sunlight or where the shadow comes. These seeds germinate after 10 to 15 days, and small roots appear. When the origins of these seeds start appearing, now these seeds have to be planted in another pot.

How to make soil & How to plant another pot: To make soil, To make soil, you need 50% garden soil 50% vermicompost. Now mix it well. After mixing, take a big flower pot (10 inches or more). Now fill the pot with 70% soil, then make a 2-inch hole in the soil and plant these seeds; after that, put soil around the seeds. After all, give water to the flower pot. Place this pot in the sunlight.

Best Season: The best season for jackfruit cultivation is July and August. If you want to cultivate it, only plant big jackfruit seeds because tiny seeds are not germinating and always use ripe (seeds) jackfruit.

Best Fertilizer: Vermicompost or cow dung is the best fertilizer for growing jackfruit plants. Give fertilizer to the jackfruit plant every month and after fertilizing, pour water into its pot or container.

Fruits Time: When you sow its seeds, it takes at least 5 to 10 years to give its fruits, and these fruits are huge as an average fruit size. Once it gives fruit, it always provides fruit when its season comes (fruit time starts in December). Another variety of jackfruit plants always gives fruits every season, but jackfruit is costly at a regular price.

Best Tips for Caring:

  • Watering: Do not give too much water when you sow jackfruit seeds. Check the moisture in the soil before giving water. And when this plant grows up to 2 feet, you can pour water after 2, 3 days.
  • Temperature: keep this plant in full sunlight or partial shade. Keep this plant in the rain during the rainy season or winter season and keep it in full sunlight. In the summer season, give sunlight to the plant ( at least 8 hours).

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