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You Don’t Know Benefits & Uses of Neem Tree

You Don’t Know Benefits & Uses of Neem Tree

Welcome to the In the post, we will learn deep detail about the Neem tree

  • About neem tree
  • Plantation with seedling
  • Best time for seedling
  • Pros and cons of neem tree
  • Medicine uses of neem leaves and branches
  • Top product of neem

Initially, neem name is azadirachta Indica. People were having trouble while pronunciation or remembering the name hence its name was neem. Neem tree belongs to the mahogany family member and the neem tree is one of the fastest-growing trees of the Mahogany family. Neem trees are most commonly seen in Tamil Nadu. Over the time, neem tree grows up to 45 to 60 feet tall and spreads up to 20 feet wide.  

Nowadays, the neem tree is most in-demand so you can plant it now. Don’t forget to spray pesticide liquid if plants have insects and other diseases (leaf bites, fungus, aphids, beetles…etc).

Plantation with seedling and grafted plants

  • The best time for seedling is summer to early winter.
  • If you don’t have any grafted trees then you can start with neem seeds. Seeds are easily grown with any fertile soil but you have to mix with any compost for germination otherwise seeds may take lots of time.
  • Seeds are easily available in the flowering season (summer season). Always break ripe seeds. Seeds are inside a bud then you can remove them properly and keep the seeds in full sunlight.
  • While planting, take a large flowerpot and seeds should be dried. Plant the seeds 2 inches deep and place the pot in full sunlight.
  • After all, give water properly.
  • Grafted plants are easily available in online stores and local nurseries, plants cost between 30 to 50+ rupees and grafted plants are easily grown because plants come with fertile soil with compost. After 6 months, you can transplant them in the ground or big pot.

Flowering Time: In summer, flowers start blooming on the tree. Flowers are small and white in colour with small buds. The petals and sepals are smaller and the uppermost petals sprout buds (lots of bud’s sprout). The buds are green in the beginning and turn pale yellow as they mature. The flowers give you a pleasant smell and attract a variety of butterflies.

Top 8 Pros of Neem

As you know neem tree is the most used tree in medicines and many diseases are eradicated, below are the top benefits of neem tree

  • Neem leaf is most commonly used in fever because it has antipyretic (fever-reducing) properties.
  • Making different types of medicine like allopathy, homoeopathy…etc.  
  • Neem tree is also used to reduce pollution and improve air quality.
  • People also use neem branch to clean teeth (save your teeth from many diseases)
  • If you want to lose weight, then drink neem leaf water, you will feel the difference soon. Take out the 3 to 4 leaves and pour into warm water and after 3 to 5 minutes you can drink it.
  • If you have hair falling problems then you can take a bath with neem leaf water. Add 10 to 15 leaves in hot water (2 litres) and add them to 20 litres of water.
  • Neem tree are mosquitos free. It feels when you sleep under the neem tree.
  • Leaves, branches, flowers and other parts are used to make different types of pesticide and insecticide powder or liquid.

Below is the list of pesticides made by neem : All products are available in online shops and near by nurseries

  • 3 in 1 pest control
  • YK neem oil
  • Pyrethrin insecticide
  • Rogor insecticide
  • Cyper25


  • Consuming neem leaves daily causes stomach problems (take 4 to 6 in a week).

Top Products of Neem Tree

All the products are available in online stores and local nurseries.

  • Himalaya herbals purifying neem peel (for skin and hair problems)
  • Organic neem oil (remove acne and others)
  • Neem natural
  • Khadi natural neem
  • Neem face wash (mamaearth)
  • Neem face pack (by man arden)
  • Acne wash (by zatural)
  • Neem skin wellness (by himalaya)

Neem Oil Benefits

  • Neem oil makes your hair smoothers and wrinkles free.
  • Make your hair frizzy
  • Improves hair texture
  • Improves head lice

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