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Tillandsia: You Should Know Best Trick For Growing | Caring

Tillandsia: You Should Know Best Trick For Growing | Caring

This is the amazing post for you, Air plant (Tillandsia) grow it without soil and make your yard, garden, terrace beautiful. 

  • About tillandsia
  • Propagation methods and growing tips
  • Caring in the summer and winter season
  • Best place for plantation
  • Flowering season

Tillandsia Air Plant

Tillandsia: If you want to your garden and terrace makes beautiful then tillandsia is the best flowering plant. Long straight spikes with grow layer-wise. It comes with 600+ different types of species and most of the species are perennial, evergreen. So, plant it in any season. It belongs to the Bromeliaceae family and its scientific name is Tillandsia and native (easily grown) to mountains places, deserts places, forests, and Mesoamerica…etc.

Top 10 Most common verities are

  • Pink quill
  • Tillandsia stricta
  • Tillandsia streptophylla
  • Tillandsia bulbosa
  • Small ballmoss
  • Tillandsia bergeri
  • Tillandsia tectorum
  • Tillandsia gardeneri
  • Tillandsia fillifolia
  • Tillandsia magnusiana
  • Tillandsia velutina

Propagation Methods and Growing Tips

Seeds are rarely available in the local market but you can buy seeds from online stores. Seeds are airy and each pod produces 100+ seeds. Mostly gardeners buy grafted plants and then transplant them properly. Seeds are inside a pleura (pod) then you can remove seeds properly and follow these steps for growing

  • Take out the small container, pots, hanging basket.
  • Take out the tillandsia pleura and seeds
  • Spray some water and place the full sunlight.
  • It gives the best results in greenhouses or polyhouses.
  • Germination starts within 5 to 10 days.

Tips: Always buy grafted plants because sometimes seeds are not giving you the best results. After 1 month transplant them properly. Grafted plant starts from 100+ rupees. You can buy local nurseries or online stores. The best location for small species is indoor. 

As shown in Image

Caring in Summer and Winter Season

leaf mold

Best Food or Compost: Give your plants the best nutrition and compost as required. After germination of seeds, spray NPK 19-19-19 liquid fertilizers. You don’t need to add mulching because it is air plants.

Watering Time: If tillandsia is small or in any container, small flowerpot then watering is necessary. Add some water to the pot. Always maintain moisture in the summer season or once a week in winter. Always maintain moisture in tillandsia plants.


Pests & Diseases: It is pest’s & disease-free plants if you plant it in outdoor but some cases like, if you plant indoor then it occurs fungus disease and root diseases. Diseases occur in the spray fungicide liquid in whole plants. Fungicide liquids are easily available in local plant shops or online stores at a starting price of 120+ rupees.

Temperature: Morning sunlight or at least 3 to 4 hour of sunlight is best in a whole season. If tillandsia in an indoor location like (table, halls, bedroom…etc) then take out and keep it in sunlight (once a week).

Best Location: Make your garden or terrace eye-catchy, attractive, and amazing using rods and polls. Tillandsia looks very beautiful if it is in a hanging basket or hanging pots. Suitable height of poll or rod should be 9 to 12 feet tall. Strings up the tillandsia air plants. It grows 2 to 3 layers of pups every month. One of the best locations, if tillandsia is small (5 to 7 inches) then you can place it on the table or small bench. Over time it grows, then hang out the balconies. It looks beautiful and attractive.

Flowering Season: Blooming are not bloomed on many verities like spanish moss, tillandsia stricta, tillandsia capitata, tillandsia gardeneri…etc. Blooming are these verities like tillandsia recurvifolia, pink quill, sky plant, tillandsia leiboldiana, tillandsia cacticola, tillandsia geminiflora, tillandsia albertiana…etc. After 5 to 6 months of the plantation, blooming starts on the tillandsia and flower colour are depending on the verities. When blooming starts on the tillandsia, it looks more pretty, elegant, foxy, and fanciable. Flowers bloom once but blooming is long-lasting for up to 1 month.

Gallery of Tillandsia

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