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Know Something New About the Greenhouse Effect

Know Something New About the Greenhouse Effect

In the post, we will know all about the Greenhouse effect and cover relevant information

  • About greenhouse effect
  • Cost & tools
  • Properties & space
  • Benefits or loss
  • Electricity
  • Marketing and raw materials

Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse effect technology is one of the most powerful technology for the agriculturist/farmers/gardener. With this technology, the farmer gets lots of benefits at a minimum cost. This technique is best for those farmers and gardeners who want to do large scale farming.

Need: Off-season plants and cutting are not germinating in the offseason so, in greenhouse effect technology you can develop off-season plants and seeds (vegetable, fruits…etc.) and cutting.

What is the greenhouse effect? It is a process in which sunlight reached the earth atmosphere. Greenhouse effects were introduced by Joseph Fourier in 1824. After a few years, some contention of peoples is described by Claude Pouillet in 1827 and 1838. After more testing, it is successfully launched in 1901 by Nils gulstaf Ekholm.

In the greenhouse effect, you can cultivate or grow any type of farming like plants, fruit and vegetables, genus tree, bonsai plants…etc. Many types of gases work like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapour. These are the most popular gases which are used in greenhouse effects. Earth obtain energy from many types of radiation like ultraviolet, visible, and infrared…etc.

Example: One of the known examples is cloud dominance at night

Cost & Tools: Different types of tools are used in this technology and below are the tools that are efficient to make the greenhouse effects. Costing is depending on the space. If your space is 300 square meters then it will go around 40 to 50 lakh rupees.


  • Polycarbonate Sheets: In the market, many types of sheets are available like 6mm, 8mm, 10mm…etc. To make a greenhouse 6mm and 8mm is enough. If you are increasing the size of the sheet cost will also increase. Over time, you can upgrade the polycarbonate sheet. 6mm sheet can easily be used for 10 years. 8mm and 10mm sheets are long-lasting for up to 20 years.
  • Benching System: Benching systems are most important for placing the plants, pots, and polybags. Make your benching system categories like, one side seedling, germinated seeds, transplantation plants, national, international plants and so on. The benching system should be made of iron, not plastic or other material.
  • Cooling System: A cooling system is the main tool for greenhouse effects because many types of seeds are germinating in a cooling environment. You can use AC and fan (ceiling and non-ceiling) and coolers. It depends on your budget.
  • Cooling Pads: Cooling pad saves your electricity. By using a cooling pad, it maintains 4 to 5 hours of cooling to plants (it is necessary for the summer season). One of the best cooling pads for plants is honeycomb. It is easily available on market.
  • Exhaust Fan: Heat is released in greenhouses then we need to exhaust fan. It evaporates the heat and maintains the temperature as required. In a 300squre meter area, 4 to 6 exhaust fans are mandatory. Don’t buy plastic exhaust fans, buy only steel exhaust fans.
  • Temperature Controller: You can easily control the temperature as required.
  • Shading Mate: Green shading mate save your plants (burning leaves, seeds, flowers). In the market, Different types of mates are available like 2mm, 4mm, 6mm but 2 to 4 mm are enough to maintain temperature.
  • Misting System: Misting system is one of best powerful mechanisms to handle humidity. It handles up to 50 to 70% of humidity. It contains filter housing, dose injector, and walex odour neutralizer and starting price is 2999 rupees.
  • GI Pipes: Various types of pipes are available in the market (mild steel, iron, polycarbonate and plastic) but GI pipes are more relevant for greenhouses because it is easy to handle and most durable. Make your structure perfect by using double pillars using GI pipes.

Properties and Spaces: In a 300 square meter area, you can easily handle 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh plants with the seedling. It depends on your budget.

Top Benefits & Losses

Benefits or Loss: There are too many benefits but we are showing only the most relevant benefits like:

  • You can easily germinate different types of seeds.
  • Rare varieties germinate easily.
  • You can maintain temperature and humidity (according to needs)
  • A minimum no of employees is required.
  • Always needs attention while all the tools are in process.

Electricity: For the best performance, you will need 2 to 5kw electricity or maybe high (it depends on spaces).

Marketing & Raw Material: Initially you need vermicides, cocopeat, perlite, and different types of seeds. You can easily sell your plants and seedling in nurseries, forest departments, municipal corporations, farmers, and retail markets.
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