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Poppy : Amazing 5 Caring Tips to Get More Flowers

Poppy : Amazing 5 Caring Tips to Get More Flowers

In the post, we will know about Poppy flower plants

  • About poppy plant
  • How to plant its seeds
  • Top 5 caring tips
  • Benefits of a poppy plant
  • Bloom time

About Poppy Flower Plants: Poppy is a flowering plant (belongs to the Papaveraceae family). Many types of flowers sprout on this plant. These flowers are gorgeous and attractive.

These flowers were also used in ancient times(12th century), and even now, this flower is most popular. It has many varieties like common poppy, California poppy, Oriental poppy, Iceland poppy, and Mexican prickly poppy, and these are the most popular verity in the world.

The leaves of the poppy plant are green, and the border of these leaves are removed edges. The midrib is light thick, and the veins are thin and white in colour. Leaves grow up to 3 to 4 inches or depend on verity.

The flower colours are red, white, blue, and more. Every flower has 5 to 6 petals (every layer and these petals are very soft), and sepals are dark green. Anther(flowers) colour depends on verity and stigma; style is dark green.

How to Plant its Seeds :

To grow its seeds, you need to buy its roots. You can buy poppy seeds online (under 200 rupees) or purchase a plant shop.

You should take 70% garden soil, 20% cocopeat, 10% cow dung, and an 8-inch flowerpot to grow its seeds. Now mix them all well. After mixing, put this soil in a 4-inch pot and fill the pot with 70% soil and give some water. After 15 minutes, pour poppy seeds into it; after that, pour half inches coco-peat. Don’t push the coco-peat

While adding seeds, remember that the seeds are not overlapped and put the coco-peat on these seeds and give some water. After all, keep this plant in a shaded area or keep it for 3 hours in the morning sunlight.

Poppy seeds start growing in 15 to 20 days. After growing its seeds, plant it in another pot. Do this only when the size of the plant has grown up to  2 to 3 inches. The poppy plant grows up to 6 to 12 inches in 2 months; after four months, the poppy gives tiny buds. When you buy its seeds online, there are many styles of seeds, such as red, white, blue, etc.

Top 5 Caring Tips :

  • Watering: If you have sown its seeds, do not give water to it initially for 6 to 7 days. Before watering, always check moisture in the soil potting, and if the soil has moisture, don’t give water. To water, these seeds, place a tray under its pot and pour water. After doing this, make a small hole under the pot’s soil and soak in the water.
  • Temperature: This plant grows fast by keeping in the sunlight and keeping this plant in the sunlight during the cold season. Give at least 4 to 5 hours of sunlight or a shaded area in the summer season. Keeping this plant in hot sunlight burns its leaves.
  • Pests & Disease: Poppy is a flowering plant, and if many kinds of insects attack, such as aphids, beetles, and bees, then sprinkle the medicine on the plant to kill these insects. You can use neem oil or organic liquid spray.
  • Best Fertilizer: Let’s talk about good manure; you can put cow dung in the poppy plant and after adding fertilizer, always give water. The fertilizer goes to the roots by adding water, and the plant grows faster. If this plant has grown up to 2 feet, then give fertilizer to this plant after 15 days; otherwise, give fertilizer after two months.
  • Pruning:  When there are many plants in a single flower pot, then each plant has to be seeded in another pot. If small baby plants grow in an adult poppy plant, they must be planted in another pot. If a plant has dry leaves or a dry branch, prune it.

Benefits: Amazing benefits of poppy plants

  • Eating poppy seeds relieves pain (say, Ancient Egyptian Doctors)
  • Its seeds are used to make drugs and medicine.
  • Seeds are edible.

Bloom Time: Poppy plants are planted by many people in the winter season because it grows fast in the winter season. If you have sown this plant in September, it starts blooming flowers in February or March, and these flowers droop and fall after 2 to 5 days.

This flower is red, yellow, and Himalayan blue in colour and the colour depends on which kind of poppy plant you have planted.

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