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Strawberries: How to Grow | Caring | Facts | Benefits

Strawberries: How to Grow | Caring | Facts | Benefits

Welcome to another post of GardenOnTop.com. In the post, we will know all about Strawberry plants and know amazing facts and benefits.

  • About Strawberries
  • How to plant or grow strawberries at home
  • Top 4 tips for caring strawberry
  • Why it is beneficial for health?
  • Blooming time
  • Harvesting strawberry
• About Strawberries • How to plant or grow strawberries at home • Top 4 tips for caring strawberry • Why it is beneficial for health? • Blooming time • Harvesting strawberry

About Strawberry

Strawberry: In 100 gm of strawberry, it contains 33 calories so you can add it to your diet plan. Strawberry is one of the best hybrid fruit plants and it is widely cultivated. Strawberry fruits are sweetest, juicy and red in colour (after full ripen). By using strawberry plants, lots of companies make different types of products like jam, juices, ice-cream, milkshakes, chocolates and other cosmetic products like shops, shampoo, lotions and creams (aromas).

Originally strawberry plants are expensive and it is highly cultivated in Eastern North America and France. In India, Delhi, Bengal, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, Himachal Pradesh, and Maharashtra.  Strawberry is familiarized in the 1750s in France at Brittany Garden.

How to Grow at Home & Garden

Hybrid plants and Grafted plants are one of the best tips to plant. Grafted plants have sprouting, leaves, and some fruits and seeds may take upto 1 year for fruiting and best time for seedling are September to January. You can collect seeds from Strawberry fruits (seeds are very small brown to black and available in the outer layer of fruits). In one fruit, 150+ seeds are available so extract them properly and follow these propagation tips.

Needs to buy for seedling: Flowerpot with good drainage holes, vermicompost, cocopeat, and 50gm of fungicide powder (prevent rooting diseases).

  • Mix them well until the soil becomes well-drained and pour into the pot.
  • Sprinkle the seeds over the soil potting (don’t cover the seeds with soil).
  • Water well and place the pot in full sunlight.
  • For grafted plants: Fill the soil in the pot and dig a hole 1 to 2 inches then plant all the grafted plants in the pot.
  • Transplantation: Transplantation is mandatory while the germinated plants grow up to 2 to 3 inches with few leaves. Take out the garden soil (50%), compost (30%), and cocopeat (20%). Mix it well and take out the flowerpot with 5 to 6 drainage holes. Plant all the plants and choose a full sunlight spot and place the pot.

How to Care Strawberries Plants

Watering, Fertilization, Pests & Diseases, Pruning and Temperature or Humidity.


Best Time for Watering: Watering well in the summer season or if the soil is dried up then, watering is necessary. You can check the top layers of soil with your fingertips.


Boost up Plants

Composition & Mulching: Every 30 days, you need to boost up the plant’s energy with good compost like NPK and kitchen waste materials. Also, add 2 to 3 layers of mulch in every season. You can also use liquid fertilizers. NPK fertilizers are easily available in online stores or nearby nurseries. After composition, watering is necessary.

common compost

Prevents from Diseases

Pests & Other Diseases: You need to save strawberry plants while any types of insects occur on the plants. Insects like, aphids, slug and snails, bees, leafmold, and whiteflies so, always use pesticide liquid or fungicide powder with water. Spray liquid in whole plants and put it in full sunlight. Don’t overwatering because it creates a root rot disease.

Cutting & Pruning

Pruning: If you love strawberry plants, you’ll have to prune the plants every season because pruning is necessary for the best health and plants also look beautiful and eye-catchy. Faded leaves, flowers, heads of stems and weeds cut them properly. For best cutting, use cutting tools.


Temperature or Humidity: Temperature maintenance is one of the powerful factors for plants. The temperature rises above 25°C, then the plants begin to wither and below 6C to 8°C the plants begin to die. Healthy plants are needed a temperature between 10°C to 25°C. Above 25°C, you can choose polyhouses.

Blooming Time & Harvesting

GardenOntop.com always say – Grafted plants give you result within 3 to 5 months but if you grown seeds, it will 10 to 12 months for flowering and give you strawberry after blooming. It blooms white flowers with 5 petals and sepals are dark green to light yellow. The stamens are yellow with natural yellow colour. Flowers are similar to free breath flowers.

The best time to harvest is when the fruits appear dark red in colour and grow up to 3 inches in size. Fruits are sweet and juicy in texture or taste.

Working Benefits of Strawberry: There are hundreds of benefits of strawberries but we are talking about only the benefits that work.

  • It improves your eye health.
  • Eating 2 to 3 strawberries per day, improves your hair growth.
  • It gives you naturally sweet & best for digestion system.
  • It is good for your skin (it has alpha-hydroxy acids) & improves blood sugar level.
  • High in antioxidants and lowest calorie food.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Outdoor and prefer full sunlight

Garden soil + Vermicompost + Cocopeat + Fungicide Powder

Blooming is start within 1 year of plantation

When fruit turns into red with sizes grow upto 3 inches large.

Yes, eating 3 to 4 strawberries per day it beneficial for your health.

Yes, you can go for propagation section in this post.

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