Two Ways to Grow Carrot at Home | Best Compost

Two Ways to Grow Carrot at Home | Best Compost

In this post, we will know all about Carrot

  • About carrot
  • Two ways to grow at home
  • Care tips
  • Best time to harvest carrot

About Carrot: Carrot is a root vegetable that is eaten all over the world. Every part of the Carrot is eatable. You can eat carrots and branches, and carrots initially originate from Persia. Carrots are widely helpful to make a salad and many types of recipes. Common verities of Carrot are Bolero, Danvers, and Litter finger.

The scientific name of Carrot is Daucus carota subsp, and Sativus belongs to the Apiaceae family. Carrots have 5 to 7 types of verity, and they give different types of carrots like red, white, yellow, semi-black, purple, Etc.

Flowers also bloom on carrot plants, and one healthy carrot size grows up to 5 to 7 inches and more. Carrots quickly grow inside the soil, and plants grow up to 1 foot or more depending on the variety.

Carrots have many benefits such as making a medicine, health purposes (skin, eyes, hair, and more), different recipe types, and salad. Etc. One Carrot contains 88% of water, 9% of carbohydrates, 2% of dietary fibre, and 1% of protein.  

Two ways to grow:  It is two ways to grow carrots, one is to grow from seed, and the other is to cut carrots. In this post, we will know both ways.

Growing through Seeds: seeds are easily available in online stores and nurseries.

Now make a soil: To make soil, take well drain garden soil (50%), vermicompost (30%), and sand (20%). Mix it well and make sure there are no small stones in the soil. After making the soil mixture, take a large container/pot (at least 16 inches more). Always check the drainage hole in the bottom of the container (if there is no drainage hole in the container soil becomes soggy because water collected in the bottom).

So make 5,6 holes in the container. After all, this, pour the soil(70%) mixture into the container and pour seeds above the soil. Pour 30% soil mixture above of seed and give total water in the container.

After that keep this container in a shaded place. After 4, 5 days keep this container in full sunlight and for 8 to 10 days these seeds start to germinate. Within 20 days small roots are visible from the plants. After 30 to 40 days these plants grow up to 9 to 10 inches.

How to Grow Carrot using Cutting Method :

You can easily grow carrots by using cutting a carrots

Using this method, you need to cut a carrot with leaves and branches. Cut a half carrot with half branches, as shown in the photo. Keep cutting pieces in water for two days, and after two days, keep these carrots in a soil mixture. And fill water into the container and keep this container in the full sunlight.

After 10 to 15 days, germination starts, and small branches start to grow. The soil mixture should be the same as growing using seeds. Always take a large flower pot, and for every flower pot, keep 10 to 12 carrots only.

Best Care Tips :

  • Watering: Don’t overwater when you sow its seed. The first time you can fill an entire container; after that, check the moisture in the soil. When plants grow up to 1 foot and more, you can give water after 2, or 3 days. Overwatering Couse soil is soggy, and seeds are not germinating. There is no need for more water in the seeds in the winter season.
  • Temperature: If you grow its seeds in the winter season, keep the carrot container in full sunlight and summer season, give at least 7 to 8 hours of full sunlight; after that, place the container in partial shade or semi-shade. If you want healthy carrots from seeds, always maintain temperature (should be ten °C to 20°C).
  • Best Fertilizer: vermicompost and cow dung are the best fertilizers to grow carrots.  If plants are not growing, you need to fertilize or always fertilize after one month. If growing is fast, don’t fertilize these plants. After fertilization, it gives water to the plant. You can also use low nitrogen and high potassium fertilizer.
  • Pruning & Cutting: if you want healthy Carrot, keep 7 to 10 plants in a single flower pot (container size 10 to 12 inches). If there are more plants( above ten plants) in a single flower pot, then you should plant them in a separate container.

Best Time to Harvest:  when you grow its seeds, after four months, you can harvest the carrots, or you can harvest when you see carrot plants are looking healthy by using remove out one Carrot from the soil. If you grow its seeds in August or September, you can harvest in December or January, and January is the best time if you want 4 to 7 inches size carrots.

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