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Best 3 Fertilizers for Rose and Money Plants

Best 3 Fertilizers for Rose and Money Plants

Welcome to another post of In the post we will know something new about the rose and money plants, so you can keep the plants healthy with bunches of flowers. So, keep reading…

  • How to make fertilizers at home
  • Best time for composition
  • Miracles of these fertilizers
  • The best fertilizer for money plants with benefits

Tip No-1: Banana Peel Fertilizers (For Rose Plants)

Banana peel manure is one of the widely used fertilizers in flowering plants. You can also buy this fertilizer in the market but homemade fertilizers are genuine and always gives you the best result. So, don’t buy banana peel fertilizer in the market or online marts. Most people know that banana has lots of potassium, fibre, and many types of vitamins.

banana peel

How to make Banana Peel at low cost: you need 5 to 6 bananas for the 2-liter fertilizer, 2-liter water, a container up to 3-liter capacity, a knife (for cutting peel), 50gm tea leaves (Dry).

  • Peel the bananas and cut the smallish square pieces.
  • Take a container and fill the water up to 2-litre.
  • Pour small pieces of peels into the container with tea leaves.
  • Mix it well (cover-up) and keep the container in a semi-shaded place.
  • Within 7 to 10 days, your banana peel fertilizer is ready to use.
  • After 10 days, sieve the water and give it to your rose plant with water (once a week).
Banana Peel

Benefit of Banana Peel Compost

  • Easy to make at your home.
  • Expiry up to 50 days after you made it.
  • It maintains the pH level in soil and makes your soil acidic.

Tip No 2 : Mustard Cake Fertilizer (Rose Plants)

This fertilizer is best for the overall need of rose plants. It is the most useful and oldest fertilizer for rose plants. It contains a high amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It gives you the best result within 2 weeks.

How to Make Mustard Cake Fertilizer at Home: Take 300 grams of mustard cake, a vessel of capacity up to 3 liters, and 2 liters of water. Morning is the best time to use it. Follow steps…

  • Add water into the container (up to 2 liters).
  • Pour mustard cake into the water and cover with a lid.
  • Shake well (until 30 seconds) and keep it semi-shade locations.
  • Stir every day until the mustard cake dissolves.
  • After 7 days, filter the water and it is ready to use (ratio 2:10).
Filter Mustard Cake Water

Benefits of Mustard Cake: This fertilizer has lots of benefits but we are talking about only the Top 5 miracles for your rose plants.

  • Easy to use and easily you can make at your home.
  • You can also use it in winter flowering plants.
  • It is bacterial and insecticide-free. There is no need to give any insecticide and pesticide powder.

Tip No 3 : Onion Peel Fertilizers (Rose Plants)

This method is simple and easy to apply to plants. Using onion peel fertilizer gives you the best result like rose flowers look healthy, brighten, and have lots of fresh buds. Use one tablespoon in a week with water. Just follow the steps to make fertilizers…

How to Make: Take out onion peels (outer part of onions), egg cells, mixer or grinder, and tea(dry). Blend it well and pour it into a grinder. Start the grinder until it looks like a powder (reddish) and removes it. Use it with water and pour into near the rooting system. It is ready to use.

Onion Peel

Benefits of Onion Peel Compost: We will know the Top 4 Benefits of onion fertilizers

  • Easy to make at home and easy to use on the plants.
  • For the mulching purpose, you can use.
  • Hardly you can see the result within 5 to 7 days.
  • It is a natural process and expiration up to 1 year.

Best Fertilizers for Money Plants

Money Plants: One of the most popular indoor plants has lots of benefits while you plant it at your home. It gives you pure and true-to-life air and looks gorgeous and eye-catching. So, we will confer on how to get longer and bigger leaves on money plants (best fertilizers).

How to Make Fertilizer at Home: Just need mustard cake powder, cow dung manure, dry tea leaves, green tea (20gm), and one pot. Follow steps…

  • Mix it well and pour it into the pot.
  • Fill the water in the pot and mix it well and cover it.
  • Keep the pot in a semi-shaded location for 10 days.
  • Filter the water and waste material you can use as mulching.
  • After 10 days, it is ready to use for money plants.
  • While using, shake it well and use it with adding water.

Benefits: It gives you large and healthy leaves and it is bacterial-free. Easy to make at your home.

Alternate Fertilizer: NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) is also the best fertilizer for money plants. Should be used with water and once a week. You can also use NPK in summer and foliage plants as well as flowering plants, and succulent plants. NPK fertilizers are easily available in the market or plant nurseries.

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